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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Invasion of SIM

I was off today but i went in to work early to clear some matters... Feel so relieved when I left cause it means one less thing to do on the next day... After that, I went to SIM to meet Karen, Audrey, Joycelyn, Jiahui and Jiahui's friends for lunch.... Lunchtime in the SIM's canteen bought back fond memories of poly days... Sighz, those were the days...

After that, I loitered outside their lecture theatre to wait for them for dinner.. Lucky, Karen lent me her novel to pass time.. And I managed to finish reading it right after dinner... Yah!!!

Here's my lunch and dinner..

$2 Wanton noodles => cheap cheap..

Yummy Pizza...

Just realised that I had not been posting food pics recently.. How can i be so bad... I will definitely dig up others to post soon... :p


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