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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Labour Day Holiday with Phantom of the Opera...

Yesterday was Labour Day but Miss poor thing me still need to work... But i managed to meet my friend for breakfast at the cheese prata shop near NUS before going to work... One funny thing is that we left the shop without paying and no one noticed.. While walking a distance, i suddenly asked my friend, "Hey, just checking.. Did you pay any money just now?".. And he quickly rushed back to pay... I was laughing non-stop already...

Then after work, I took a quick bite in 10MINS and took a cab down to Esplanade to watch the musical, The Phantom of the opera..

It was a great show and the all the actors and actresses are wonderful... I bought myself the cd of the original london cast recording... No more money to buy other things.. I think i intend to watch the movie over dvd soon...


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