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Saturday, August 04, 2007

I hate.....

stupid young ppl who think they are the kings and queens...

Just got this incident today when a group of 6 people (3 guys and 3 gals), around the age of 18 or 19, came to the doors of my office, asking about the prices for Bangkok free and easy packages. As it was already 30mins past our official working hours, my colleague refused politely at the door. Then one of the siao zarbo said that our company had such poor service, turning away customers.

She made me so mad that I went to the doors and told her off, asking whether she is going to pay my overtime hours for serving her and that there is no point in serving customers like her who do not appreciate customer service staff like us. She said that she will take her money elsewhere (pls lah, it's your parents' money loh). After that, I walked off to the ladies, saying that I rather not have such crazy customers like her..

The teenagers nowadays really made me wonder at the level of education in Singapore. Well-educated but lack of manners as compared to the older generations of us, with less education but more consideration for others. Like the siao zarbo, does she understand that all of us had worked 8 hours everyday and just want to go home to be with our families at the end of the day, not being delayed endless at the office, answering enquiries from customers who think that our prices are too expensive in the end... Why bother?

They could have go to other agencies to enquiry instead of wasting time with us. The 6 of them looked so young, why not take more initative and plan their own tour online? The price will definitely be more attractive if they bother to do their research and not waste their time, standing outside other people's offices, looking like mad dogs.. Actually, only the siao zarbo is the mad dog, the rest looked like humans..

But I am still extremely pissed off at the stupid gal.. I wondered what her boyfriend saw in her.. Got look but no brains.. Opps, i forget that men just love such gals.. I really really hope that she ended up pregnant from her bangkok trip.. That stupid piece of shit..


  • Young generations sometimes do not know the hardship of working... must wake them up abit sometimes..

    By Anonymous Chris, at 12:12 AM  

  • Actually what could have been done was to give her the brochure for the free and easy package and give her the company's website and phone number where they could go online to check the prices and to contact you guys at what number.

    A customer wants to feel wanted. I used to work in s travel agency before and my company actually had the policy to try to serve the customer if he/she came after the closing time. Service with a smile doesnt end at closing time you know =]

    Yes. The teenager was rude. I totally agree with that. She doesnt have to right to say that your company has poor service when she is at fault.

    But to tell her off saying she doesnt appreciate the CS staff seems really ironical, cause you are no really portraying very good customer service at the moment dont you think so?

    Plus dont judge someone by their age. Just because they are 18 or 19 doesnt mean they didnt save their own money for the trip. I have met situations where people dismiss me because i still look younger.

    I know i sound like i am shooting you. But this is just some honest opinion. PLease dont take it to heart.

    By Anonymous Lynn, at 1:32 AM  

  • Chris: Never mind, we also considered young generation hor...

    lynn: It's okie, i understand your point. Frankly it is my company that i find sucky, which do not cherish its own staff so why bother making myself tired.

    Another thing is that we did try to entertain customers who came in late after working hours, but they did not appreciate and kept dragging our time, asking from one end to the other end of the world. How's that?

    I do not have any brochere for free and easy packages, thus i cant make use of that and our website do not have any prices.. All they can do is get it out from our mouths...

    Plus all of the staff were waiting for a briefing that day.. If we kept serving ppl who walked in, all of us will be delayed.. Most precious sleeping time wasted..

    I used to treasure all customers until i find them treating me like dirt when something goes wrong... That's when i decided i am more impt... I should not ignore my own needs..

    That's all for my reply though you may not really come back to see it :)

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 8:11 AM  

  • Hey... What ya know? I came back to see ya reply. I can understand your point of view.. Looks like your company isnt really helping you guys much in terms of problems like this..

    Customers can be crazy sometimes i know. I guess as service stall we d have our limits too. Cheers.. I hope things look up for you!

    By Anonymous Lynn, at 1:31 AM  

  • lynn: welcome back.. Thanks for the encouragement.. Hmmm, well i always feel that if company dont cherish me, i can always find a new job.

    Guess that is the concept from someone who do not need to support a family yet... So maybe time to job hunt again. Have a nice day!:p

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 5:51 AM  

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