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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Disgusting Customer Service at Spa

My brother got 2 free spa vouchers, so i called up for an appointment and my mom and I went to utilize it today. We choose the 60-min facial and arrived quite early. It is located at Fast East Plaza. We were asked to do some stupid survey questions about ourselves to let the spa place understand more about our body conditions.. But i really think it is pointless.. I even have to help my mom did hers as she did not understand the questions in english.

During facial, i was being "psycho" to top up my facial to a better one, to sign for package, etc etc.. I managed to brush it off, saying i got no money and already had a package with another company. I was quite okie with the service of the lady who served me as she was quite friendly.. I checked with my mom after the service whether the one who served her got "psycho" her or not and she said no... I guess they thought that i got more financial ability..

Anyway, after the facial, both of us were showed to a small room and served tea.. Then a consultant came to "psycho" us again... Both of us politely rejected and I also told her my reason again and her face changed immediately. She even scolded me and said, "Since you already got a package, why did you still come for the facial?". I think she thought of my mom and I as "cheapos", who came for a free facial.

At that moment, my brain is filled with a lot of question marks.. First of all, the terms did not state that i cant enjoy a free facial if i already had a package elsewhere... Another thing is her products are not so special that i got tempted to sign on immediately (in fact it is quite similar to the one I am signed with at the moment), especially the place is really far away from my home. I am also not in the right financial state to sign for an expensive and useless facial package at the moment.

Frankly, I am not stingy when it came to indulging myself. In fact, I tend to make a lot of impulsive decisions/buys. That is why this time, i decided to be more rational. I really feel greatly insulted by the consultant. If her service is good, at least I may come back in the future to sign a package. However, her attitude really want to make me slap her. Of course, being a civil person, I did not do that.

I think she did not really have the brains to consider how damaging her words are. How something bad can be easily spread among friends/family. I really think she is not suitable for the service line. At least I wont and cant change my face expressions as fast as her...

p.S. Another reason why we did not sign up is that my mom think the lady boss looked really really ugly.. Kinda spoilt the image of the spa place already.. Heehee..


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