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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Market day...

Today, I dated Sharon out for a trip to the Markets... Not to those wet markets, but to the Singapore River Market at Boat Quay and That Bazaar at Clarke Quay...

Met at 4pm at Raffles Place and took our time to walk over to the Arts House.. Not sure whether we are too early or it was too hot, but the number of stalls is quite disappointing.. Magazine mentioned over 70plus, but we counted only 40-50 stalls.. Guess really too hot bah.. Both of us started to sweat within 10secs when we were looking at some clothes at a stall.. Bought a white dress for myself.. I was actually quite tempted to buy the cakes from the CCÛP stall... Really very pretty loh... But i must restrain.. i must control... Ahhhhhhhh......

After that, we walked down to Central and went to Starbucks for a rest.. I think now can revised the slogan of Kit Kat to "Have a break, have a Starbucks"...


Shopped around Central before going to That Bazaar.. Once again, disappointed by the size.. Sighz... I guess I should not have such high hopes... But then again, the stalls in That Bazaar are more affordable and fashionable... More clothes, shoes and bags.. Took a stroll and bought a bag for myself.. Then we walked back to Central for dinner at Billy Bombers.. Ordered 2 of the 4-courses sets and shared it among the ourselves.. Love the Ben and Jerry ice cream, though quite sad that it wasnt chocolate flavour. After dinner, we walked back to the bazaar as Sharon wanted to buy another bag..

On the way there, we saw 3 guys and 1 lady distributing flowers to the crowd surrounding them. Both of us were quite curious what was going on so we joined in the crowd. Actually, I couldnt help notice how cute the 3 guys are and couldnt resist getting close to them.. They are really very CUTE!!! We managed to get a flower each, along with a card that explained their flowers-giving action. It is actually for the "Protect Women Against AIDS" campaign, to help more women to be aware and prevent getting AIDS.. So meaningful hor?

My yellow flower and the card..

Protect Women Against AIDS

One side of the card actually have the words, "He loves you if he respects you". Totally agree as no one should be pressured to do something they do not want to do..

Anyway, went back and i bought a dress and 2 earrings.. OMG, i spent too much... Over $100.. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... Never mind, the flower cheers me up already...

Showing off my bracelet, bought in HKG.

First time wearing this top, also bought in HKG.

Too black cannot see the design clearly.. Sighz..

Never mind, can see my face okie liao ^_^


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