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Sunday, September 30, 2007

My future husband, Luke...

I'm feeling so nervous.. I am going to see my future husband for the first time later.

Ever since i saw his picture (from my future father-in-law), I had fallen in love with him and today, I finally got a chance to see him, touch him, hug him..

Oh my, oh my... Just thinking about it made me excited.. I hope he like the present I got him... ^_^

Here's his pic for all of us to drool over...

Super cute, right? My Luke Luke...

The Present - a set of matching top and bottoms..

At first, I wanted to get a custom made one but too costly and I do not have the time to wait.. Anyway, the design is quite cute..

I already informed my future father-in-law to set the ceremony for 20 years later... My future father-in-law is still finding it hard to accept it, since he himself is only 5 years older than me.. However, I believe he will come to terms with it in no time.

Okie, time to go for the visit... Super happy ^_^


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