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Monday, October 01, 2007

Shopping Beauty Consultant

Just came back from a busy day... Saw my future husband in the afternoon and shared one or two "moments" with him.. Anyway, will upload pics once I got them from my friend, Sharon.

Went shopping in Orchard Road and spent $35 on 2 items.. Quite worth it as both are on offer.. Anyway, the main focus was on another person, my poly friend Xiaoyun who actually knew Sharon and me in poly, though Sharon and I didnt know each other's existence back then.. That is really the work of fate..

Anyway, she spent more... $150 for shoes, clothes, belt as we are helping her to do a makeover and change her wardrobe. Of course, the image consultant is Sharon, as she is mine too. :p
My feet hurts big time..... Shoes getting smaller.... Sighz...

Photos taken today...

Dessert before shopping - Some Japanese restaurant at Paragon Basement 1


Checking the pics...

Pretty Xiaoyun with make-up

Bored me..

Xiaoyun with her japanese set..

My dessert set.. The Jap place had this dessert promotion everyday from 2.30-5.30pm, $5 for any dessert plus a drink. Quite worth it...

Close-up of my green tea cheesecake with vanilla ice-cream

Sharon's ice-cream dessert - most exp due to the fruits and mochi thingy..

Dessert after shopping - Coffee Club at Takashimaya

Carrot cake

Mango mousse

Coffee Club Classic - Muddy Mud Pie. Should be able to guess that this is my selection bah :p

My drink - Strawberry Summer tea.. Have a very fragrant smell..

Got cookie one ^_^

We were so bored, we concoct a drink - a mixture of iced berry tea, with strawberry summer tea, suger syrup plus water... It looked very nice before we mixed it up... Got layers of colours...

Shopping is so tiring for me.. Off to bed~~


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