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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A weekend trip to IKEA (Tampines)

I had never went to the IKEA Tampines outlet before, so just went with my friend last Saturday to have a look...

Ya in the store...

The whole place is HUGE!!! I have a lot of fun sitting on the beds, playing with the soft toys, etc.
I am super impressed with the warehouse, which actually really need the directory to guide everyone around..

I'm not sure Queensway outlet had the directory or not but best is to take a pic as record.. Easier to find things..

See how high the furniture are stored?

I was alittle scared that the stuff will fall down and hit me!!!

Big Big...

Oh ya, I find my dream bed in the display hall... The "princess", "dreamy" type, which is so not practical in real life.. Plus the cover sheet will probably attract lots of dust for my uber sensitive nose.. **Sneeze sneeze**

And going to IKEA is never completed if you never eat their cheap cheap hotdogs.. Full flow of chilli, mustard and tomato sauces.. Yummy..

Since I was in the area, i dropped by Giants as well and bring lots of food, which I probably can get in IMM Giants and spared myself from carrying all that stuff from East back to Home Sweet Home in the West. Well, shopping is a "thing" for me that i can never seem to stop.

I ended having dinner in Serangoon area at this coffeeshop which has this famous Teochew Chinese stall... Yummy.. Dont ask me the name or street. I had absolutely no idea, except that Bus 136 passed by the area :)


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