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Thursday, November 29, 2007

A quiet Thursday for the Nation

Via Jaywalk Daddy

Please help to keep Reuben's music alive

To all bloggers out there, please embed this song to your blog at least till Thurs but best forever to let all as much people as possible to listen to his song - Back Home.

url: http://www.ridzuan.info/tianhong/BackHomePianoSolo-ReubenKee.mp3


After really reading about who Reuben Kee is, I realised that I actually heard his songs before during a NYP event. Even though I did not know him, I was very touched by his music and have great admiration for his talent. It was really sad to know that HE was the one that passed by my life (no matter how slight) back then..

I was thinking "If only they had not row back themselves", "If only they had let the local people steer them to a safe place" and "If only all of them have their life jackets on" non-stop... But it is too late to think of all that now. Now, everyone just need to learn to move on... Because that's what they will want us to do.. Remember them in our heart and help them live the best of our lives...

Let us spend this Thursday quietly in mourning for the 5 of them.

Thank you.


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