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Monday, January 21, 2008

The New Bar

Once upon a time, a very bored Cowboy Caleb wanted to create a harem to add to his collection... But he was sidetracked and got himself drunk at the Bar instead.. And that's where he stayed till now...

However, the world is changing everyday so the Bar needed to make some slight adjustments now... The changes? Instead of hiding in the dark and dirty alley, the Bar is now laid open in the sunlight. Anyone can read the members' deepest and darkest secrets... Sound interesting?

If interested, head down to Cowboy Bar for a start. If you wish to let us read YOUR deepest and darkest secret, join as a Grasshopper so that you can start commenting. Please join only if you will be active and want to know more friends.

The next step is getting promoted to Gunslinger Status. This usually means that we are sure you are not an ass**** or you are one that we loved to keep. Once you are a GunSlinger, the rest of the forum will be accessible to you and you will have more areas to chat and explore. There is no dateline to when it will happens but it usually help if you have make a very lasting first impression on the moderators.

Have fun ^_^


  • LOL..i saw that post of urs on the taggin thingy ..PS: i very busy recently coz of final year project and exhibition ..haha brought ur CNY clothing ? anyway take care lo =)

    By Blogger Starvian, at 11:21 PM  

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