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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Okie, this will be a pic-less post cos i didnt take any photos on my photo yesterday..

I was only notified at the last min on Friday night that i dont need to work on this Sat and Sun... THIS made me super mad and I dont want to waste my weekend.. Thus, i decided to join the Couchsurfing Singapore group gathering at East Coast Park..

It was a really last min decision and I was unsure whether I can fit in... I just joined Couchsurfing.com on 29 March and I am definitely still a newbie.. I know no one in it and I haven't chat with anyone yet. But i was thinking, "Heck, i should just try it"..

So I made my way over, stopping at Raffles City to get some J.Co Donuts to act as my contribution to the picnic.. Found the group of them at 12pm and just started the chit-chatting.. It was a very fun gathering, with more and more people joining in as the day passed. There was tons of food brought and everyone had fun just mixing around..

I was sitting down and talking and talking till 8pm.. and i got myself a sunburn and sore butt and tons of happy memories.. i feel really comfortable and this is really a "first" for me.. Haha.. Hope I can still join in for the future gatherings.. ^_^

After that, one of the CS-ers, Jasmin (same name wor, except for the lack of 'e") gave some of us ladies a ride. I hitched a ride to Suntec, where I met up with Zixiu.. I waited for her to finish her work before we two went to the Health and Beauty Exhibition at the convention centre.. Ate a melon ice-cream there.. I think i fell in love with melon ice-cream in Korea but the ones in Singapore just dont taste as good.. Sighz..

Both of us signed up for a fish therapy and a facial at the convention cos it was really cheap.. All the booths were offering the first trial at special prices.. Guess I will need to fix a date with the girl and we can go there together on weekend. One funny thing is that i become Zixiu's "guardian" for the facial cos she is not 21 yet.. Muahaha.. she has better listen to me now or she cant go for the facial.. Yes, i am evil.. :p

After that, i went down to Bayview Hotel on Bencoolen street at 10pm plus to meet up with another group of online friends from Cowboy Bar. Somehow, this is a group i know i can talk rubbish with and they will be used to it.. Cos this is how all of us are.. We chatted for 3hours before some of them decided to go Clarke Quay to party.. i was pretty tired then.. almost 18hours awake.. omg.. a barfly, Vandalin, very kindly drove 3 of us gals home..

I finally went to bed at 3.45am cos I went online once i reached home.. i am so addicted to the internet... Anyway, still feeling tired today so spent my day at home.. Maybe i will go out next week to take some photographs.. havent been doing it for a long while..

Okie, that's what i did on Saturday.. Goodnite~~ ^_^


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