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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bt Timah Hike and Free Music at NUS

I dont know what made me decide to go hiking this morning... i must be crazy..

I went to the gathering place, Beauty World's Mac at 9.25am. Met up with the CS-ers, Kian Ming, Sally, Audrey and Yi Ru.. We walked to the visitor centre to meet up with Shahirah, Menghui and Adriano.. Pontus joined us half-way and then left first too.. :(

The path Kian Ming really killed us... super tiring and with lots of steps.. I usually took the easy path up so this new path with deviations is a really new route.. We finally finished the whole thing at 1plus. Saw some monkeys when we are leaving the place..

We, minus Yi Ru as she needed to rush off for another gathering, went to a nearby place to have lunch.. I am so exhausted that i dont feel hungry at all.. ended only ordered drinks.. I reached home at 3pm and fell asleep in front of my computer shortly.. But i woke up at 4pm due to aching neck..

I checked and saw that there will be junior recitals (piano) at Yong Siew Toh Conversatory of Music at 7pm.. So i left my place at 6.30pm, took a cab down.. Enjoyed the music alot, especially the playing by Nattapol Tantikarn... He played Capriccio on the Departure of his Beloved Brother, in B flat major BWV 992; Ballade, Op. 46 and Spanish Rhapsody.

And that ended my day... sibeh tiring loh.. dont know why i am so crazy these days.. tomorrow is also booked with things to do.. sighz..


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