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Monday, May 12, 2008

曹格-背叛 Cao Ge - Betrayed

My mind keep playing this song these few days.. auto rewinding it every few hours... I love the way the bartender at Plush bar sang it that night.. Hope I can hear it again soon.. The bartender is so cute and can sings... Wooooo, i like~~

Here's the song and english translation found online.. I didnt have time to translate so just bear with it, ok? Enjoy ^_^

雨 不停落下來 花 怎麼都不開
儘管我細心灌溉 你說不愛就不愛 我一個人 欣賞悲哀
There is rain keeping falling down, I wonder why.
There is no blossom at all, for which I sigh.
No matter how I did my best to water the garden of love day and night,
You just didn't want it to turn into life,
Only to leave me alone in crying.

愛 只剩下無奈 我 一直不願再去猜
鋼琴上黑鍵之間 永遠都夾著空白 缺了一塊 就不精采
I have nothing to do but let love pass me by.
I would never like to guess why.
There is always a white key lying between black ones on the piano,
and I can play no wonderful music without any white.


緊緊相依的心如何Say goodbye 你比我清楚還要我說明白
愛太深會讓人瘋狂的勇敢 我用背叛自己 完成你的期盼
As the two hearts have been so close to each other,
how can we say goodbye?
You were clearer about it, but you still asked me why.
My love is so passionate that I am madly brave.
I would betray myself to make your wish realized.

把手放開不問一句Say goodbye 當作最後一次對你的溺愛
冷冷清清淡淡今後都不管 只要你能愉快
I would go away without saying anything but goodbye.
I would show my fondness for you. This is the last time.
I would act like a stranger ever since.
I just wish you are happy and fine.

心 有一句感慨 我 還能夠跟誰對白
在你關上門之前 替我再回頭看看 那些片段 還在不在
I still have a word on my mind.
But I wonder who I can speak to tomorrow night.
Before you close the door, turn back and take a look once more.
See if those pieces are still on your side.

(Repeat Chorus)

I just wish you are happy and fine.

Translation by 杰暘 and taken from here


  • sigh, so ke lian...

    no comment...i leave comment for you,
    this is a nice song..think i can sing in ktv.

    recently a few good songs but never sing before.. cause donkey long time never go ktv already!!


    By Blogger Leonard, at 3:37 PM  

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