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Friday, May 02, 2008

Drunk in life...

Something went wrong with my mom yesterday and she "forced" me to wear my shorts and red tank when we went out to the nearby market for awhile. She said she is sick of seeing me dressed like an auntie.. but hor, i am one mah.. sighz..

Photo-whoring time...



My second finger kinda got covered by my big head.. i am not scolding bad word, k?

Went down to Wala Wala for Dowagr's birthday celebration.. Poor gal got totally drunk due to the nice works of the barflies.. dot dot dot...

This is only my third time at Wala Wala and i knocked over a glass of beer for the second time.. damn clumsy oaf..

I was very mesmerised by the guitarist of the UnXpected band, Simon... Only managed to get a pic of his back, though.. :p

I farking hate it when i drank, got drunk but was still sober to remember all the stupid things i did.. Just that I cant remember WHY i did them and what i said... Hmmm... I can only offer a very sincere apology to the uncle and xiao didi for the pain they had to endure.. so sorry..

the worst thing is that after doing all these crazy things, with the excuse of my mind not in the right state, my heart still feels empty.. laughing like mad on the outsides but it's just didnt reach the insides... Kisses are nothing but an source of emptiness..

I have no farking idea whether i am still making any sense... oh well... my brain is in pain from having only 2-hrs of sleep... :(


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