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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Farking farking bastard

Everytime i read the emails from that particular staff, i feel like taking a knife and stabbing it into his heart, hands, face.. Not up his arse cos it will dirty my knife as I suspect he is gay...

Farking bastard just dont get my emails right... keep asking me to forward his questions to Finance dept to ask them to reply him.. YOU think they are farking free ah.. just working to entertain you.. YOU think I am farking free to reply you because of fun... I was just highlighting may have problem but the problem has not occurred yet so why the fark you worry.. Why are you worrying so much, not that you have alot of reimbursements to claim.. You hardly claims at all...

Sometimes, i wonder why i am still in this job, where i am so unappreciated.. maybe it is just me.. sighz..

p.S. No, i dont have anything against gays, just that i hate that I always have to sajiao to them.. tiring for my brain to function...


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