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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The life of a tai-tai

I just dug out (yes dug!!) a lot of clothes for my dad to wash on Sunday.. and it was only like a quarter out of those that i bought and never wear.. the rest are still hiding in my luggage case and cupboard.. My whole family are amazed with my "buying and hiding" skill.. They advised me not to buy anymore but but..... i just cant help it..

Just recently, i went out to buy a present for a friend and ended up with.... more clothes..

These are just some of the new stuff i got...

New dresses... (3 of them are really cheap, $8, $8 and $12 and one is $40plus - guess which one is exp..)

New tops and a red belt..

Got this dress and skirt from Verge sale ($10 each)

I just simply CANNOT RESIST SALES..... Sobz..

I think the best thing after shopping is to have a nice cup of tea.. and to rest that tired legs of yours.. I went to TCC at Central with my friend one day after shopping...

TCC Iced Minty Mocha

Nutello (i forget what i drink already so i only guess is this)

Pear-fect Melody - the dessert that is supposed to be healthy but i rather eat something richer next time.. better for my tastebuds.. Healthy means bland..

The above lifestyle seems to be the lifestyle of a tai-tai leh.. Can some rich man married me so that I can be a tai-tai?? i love this lifestyle leh.. sighz..

Oh oh.. Great Singapore Sale just started last Friday.. Everyone has fun shopping.. ^_^


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