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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thanks Jay Daddy

My Jay Daddy is so talented.. His doodles are always so good.. Just recently, he got numerous of requests for flowers, so he draw 25 of them in total.. Incredible, right?? He should be in the Arts industry.. ^_^

Please go and check out all the flowers, okie?

Here's mine.. Wheeeeee...

Oh oh, i think i never thank him properly for all the other items he did for me.. so here they are.. Wheeeeeeeeeee... I am one happy gal..

My banner

My Parking sign

My Birthday chalkboard..

Oh oh, i love my Jay Daddy lots lot.. Muacks.. ^_^

p.S i miss the days when i do up my blog and stuff like that.. I lost the editing programs when my brother re-format the computer.. should i go and buy the software myself to start the ball rolling again? *scratches head*


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