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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chocolate gifts

I am sharing a private transport van with a few colleagues at my current company.. In the event that we cant take the transport that day, we usually need to inform the driver beforehand..

Old auntie me has no problem with this until recently... Last Friday and the Friday before, i totally completely forgot to sms the driver... So the whole van was waiting for me for like 10-15mins... OMG... what happens to my memory.. sighz.. I guess cos i am used to taking the van with another colleague and I usually tell her and the driver whether i am taking or not that day.. Since she was off on both Fridays, i just conveniently forgot about it.. sighz..

Guilty me decided to do something to make up to them.. And what's better than chocolates...

Sorry for the ugly packaging.. me not talented in this.. but each package consisted of 2 special dark Hershey's kisses, 1 creamy milk chocolate with almond Hershey's kiss and 1 Limited edition dark Toblerone chocolate..

Giving it out on the ride back tomorrow.. Hope they like it.. ^_^


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