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Monday, June 30, 2008

Hello, I'm back.. and going straight back to Hell..

Sorry for the lack of updates.. As some may have guessed or known, I have quit my job three weeks ago on a sudden whim. Being lazy for the past eight months in the job means that I need to do all the necessary within two weeks, plus dealing with any ongoing assignments given.

I was really panicking by the start of last week when i realised that I still have tons to do and all the lunch treats were taking up a lot of time as well. Overtime was thus done to make sure everything can be completed in time. After a 7-days week of working till 10pm and two nights when i had to go home on taxi (went home at 1am and 4am on the two nights), i finally cleared everything by Sunday.. well, except for some bits and pieces here and there..

I feel a major accomplishment, from zero file to 22 files of documents. It just wakes me up on how i am so stupid not to start preparing for my leaving.. I guess i know i can do it, by hook or by crook.

I am still unsure whether I should be pleased or unhappy with the new secretary who is transferred internally to my department to replace me. First of all, she got me a farewell gift, which is kinda cute. Then she badmouth me in front of my boss today cos I was supposed to handover today but i only reached office at 10am. I am not being bad cos I am ON LEAVE today, plus reaching home at 4am didnt help. Frankly i can just walk off without handing over at all, but responsibility is in me.. Her learning attitude also didnt help. I just hope that she dont blame anything on me after i left. Sick of it.. Oh well, it is hard to handover in one day's time anyway.

Thinking back, i feel that my boss is ridiculous. Judging from the timing, he probably confirmed the transfer the day I confirmed my resignation, without informing the other two admin staff in the department. I am not sure whether he wishes to chase them away or not but it may happens due to his one-sided decision. Funny thing is that he still try to convince me to stay on, even when her transfer is being finalised. What do you want to do to the lady? Kick her back to her previous department? He seriously needs some lessons in managing staff's emotions.

And he really should check with the other bosses on the past reputation of this lady as she is in the company for more than 10 years. From what I had heard, there is no good news.. only bad ones.. Once again, I think of how kind he is as a person and how bad he is as a boss. My previous female bosses seemed like angels compared to him, as though we are on slightly weird terms (note, it is not a bad r/s, but not a good one either), they are quite firm in what they believe and know how to get it. I really fear the new lady will twist my boss around her little finger.

I mentioned to my colleague friend that i felt that I am not wanted in this department, with work that is supposedly mine being taken away. I guess i am weird for wanting more tasks instead of less. Actually i think what i meant is that I felt unwanted by my boss. He dont need me as a secretary. Anyone is sufficient to deal with my work in the department. He dont need me and I wanted to find one that does. Pretty stupid idea, right? Since in reality, no one is indispensable..

I loved the rest of the department's faculty staff though.. All of them, being so kind and patient with me, just makes me wants to work harder to assist them. Pretty sad to leave them when I am used to everything already. Plus the colleague aunties in the other department, who treated me like their dear family member.. Feel like crying for just going away.. My colleague friend actually secretly arranged a farewell party for me last Friday.. I was so surprised.. Will upload the pics once I got them... ^_^

Anyway, my new job is starting on this Wednesday and I am feeling excited and scared shitless. Seemed like dropping back to Hell. I hope i can take the late nights required there.. Oh well...


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