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Sunday, June 01, 2008

International Museum Day 2008

31 May 2008 (Saturday) was part of the International Museum Day 2008, so yours truly me went to NUS Museum to attend a jewellery making course for the afternoon.. it costed me $8..

Basically i sucked in it.. I couldnt really do the brainstorming part and the design i managed to somehow drew, i feel is more suited for wire.. So i just anyhow twisted and turned some of the stuff to get the four items below..

3 pendants and 1 ring..

The ring..

The ring is kind of a basic thing that some of us participants did cos we have no idea what to do or we just want to pass the remaining time.. I wanted to do a cloud or something for a pendant but i had a hard time sawing through the edges to get a fluffy one so i gave up.. :p

Should i sign up for a course or something to really experience the whole process? I better go think through..


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