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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Some shit on society problem..

**Disgusting post ahead.. Dont read while eating / drinking. You have been warned.**

I always have problem with my digestive system and there are times when i dont go to toilet for a whole week.. My mom helped me to buy this tea, Tong Bian Tea, that is supposed to help solve the problem..

The big packet, costed $2.60 and can be bought from those chinese herbal shops..

Consisted of 10 small pkts like below..

So far, it really helped.. I will drink it at night and then go to the toilet the next morning.. The only bad point is it may work for the whole day and you will want to run to the toilet everytime.. Thus I usually go drink on Fri or Sat night and stayed at home the next day.. Oh, and you probably will fart alot.. Depending on what you eat.. :p

Like today, i fart and the shit came out with it..Eek.. so i stained my pants and need to wash it.. it is like those slimming pills from doctors for overweight gals to control their weight and it will help you get rid of the oil by letting you shit them out.. So when you fart, the oil will come out.. No, i didnt take those pills before.. My friend did and this was what she told me.. She stopped after the uncomfortable feeling.. Imagine shitting out the oil..

Okie, back to the topic.. As i was washing my pants, i suddenly thought of the old, weak people or permanently injured people who cannot take care of themselves. If I feel so paiseh now already, what do they feel? They have to rely on their families or the nurses to help them in their daily routine... To clean them up when they shit, to feed them, to take of them throughout.. How will they feel?? Sad, helpless, useless?? A burden to their families??

As the society advances, more and more educated people become less emotionally attached to their families.. We can see elderly being thrown into old folks' homes, where their families will visit rarely, if not never.. Why? Because we feel disgusted that we have to clean our parents' shit? Or we are too overwhelmed by life's demands that we do not even have time for our families anymore?

I dont know. Thinking of how my mother cleaned up my shit for me when I was a baby till a young child and yet, I know i am reluctant to do it for her when they are old.. Do i not love her as much as she love me?? I feel so guilty now.. And i need more time to think through.. It's weird how a little shit can triggered so much emotions sometimes..

p.S. I probably should censored all my photos now.. I have lost all my "image" after this post, not that I have much to begin with.. Throw face throw face.. :p


  • er, you didnt censor, yet you still post your flickr. and your blog account also got your pic lor. =.=

    By Blogger C.O.O.L, at 4:09 PM  

  • Gary kor kor.. i figure why bother.. i dont have any image in the first place.. u just didnt get my pt.. sighz..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 4:45 PM  

  • yes, don't bother.

    You got no image anyway mah.

    By Blogger Ed, Edd & Eddy !!!, at 11:16 PM  

  • Uncle ah pek.. i got "some" lah.. not good ones but still got some.. hahaha..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 10:06 AM  

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