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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Stealing milk

The other day, my colleague was telling me about this case she read in the newspaper where a young couple made a police report on their landlord for stealing milk.. My first thought is "why is the couple so worked up over a few tins of milk powder such that they needed to make a police report"..

Seeing my expression, my colleague knew that I did not get the story and highlighted to me that it was "human" milk.. Then i was like thinking "Oh, the landlord must be really hungry to steal those bottles of milk in the fridge.. Hmmm..".

My colleague, seeing that I am not at all surprised, finally decided to tell me the whole picture and I was so shocked that i asked her to help me find the article for me to read.

Click on the pic to read the article if you can read Chinese words..

This case happened in a village in Malaysia. Basically, the article is talking about a young couple and the husband's mother renting a room from this 50-yrs-old landlord. As the family had stayed there for a while, they are on close terms with the landlord.

The young couple just have an eight-months-old baby. So one day, the young wife is breastfeeding her child and it happened that she did not close her room door properly. At that time, her husband was out at work and her mother-in-law had went out.

Feeling tired, she fell asleep on the bed during the feeding. Her son also fell asleep once he finished, thus exposing the young wife's breast. As the door was ajar, the landlord saw the mother and child on the bed while he walked by. Aroused, he took advantage of the situation and started sucking on the young wife's breast.

Initially, the young wife thought it was her son again. Until she realised that the force of the sucking was different and opened her eyes. Shocked at what she saw, she started beating / smacking the landlord. The landlord quickly ran out of the house, hopped onto his scooter and escaped. The wife immediately called her husband and went to the police station to report the case.

It is not clear how the case ended as no further information is given. But it did gives me a whole new meaning to the idea of "stealing milk"..


  • THAT is just creepy~

    By Blogger agrasshopper, at 8:28 AM  

  • grasshopper: yes yes.. super creepy to me..and i think the fact that it was done by someone you know just makes it worse for the young couple..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 1:28 PM  

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