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Sunday, June 08, 2008

When did i turn into a boring bitch?

I was just going through my past posts as I need to select three best ones for my self-nomination for the Singapore Blog Awards.. Yeah, i am that bored and shameless.. And the prize really looked good to me.. The dateline is today, 8 June, if you wished to register/nominate..

Anyway, i was reading the old posts and i realised how much i have changed.. In the past, i was an attention-seeking whore, who posted whatever i can.. But at least sometimes, the posts are interesting.. Something happened along the way (work and friendship matters) caused me to lose the interest in blogging.. And now, when I am back.. nothing seemed right.. I have become this boring bitch and all my regular readers have disappeared.. I probably have like only 2 random ppl passing by my blog now (if i'm lucky).. Why?

I guess having some readers do make it easier for me to keep going.. Now, should i just stop? Maybe i should kill some trees and change back to writing on a book... It should be easier..


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