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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fun with soft toys

Yesterday was my first day at the new workplace and i am totally like zzzzzz the whole day.. cos they didnt hand over anything yet cos i am like totally new.. And also first day mah, let me relax abit.. Okie loh.. hope i can buck up and get used to everything asap.. i got 2 weeks (my own target)... :p

Here's some pics of the last few weeks at NUS. We went NUH canteen to eat and wobbled over to NUH lobby to shop.. The Deyi bookshop there really sells alot of stuff, from CDs to soft toys to.. well, books... hahaha..

I love hippo.. (Besides being a piggy, i am a hippo in office cos I got a small pink hippo toy =p)

One guy hippo, one gal hippo.. I bought both..

Sharon with her lion and polar bear..

Sharon and mee mee sheep..

This is what Sharon bought..

Went back another day to shop... and took more pics.. I think the shop assistants hate us already..

Happily take pic..

Pouts.. why must retake..

Up close and personal.. Okie okie, must act demure..

That's all.. hopefully i got time to blog again soon.. ciao~~


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