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Monday, July 14, 2008

I love KTV..

Got the craving to sing today so went down to Lot 1 to sing.. ended up discovering that there is no kbox there cos the whole place is under renovations.. But saw many new shops like New York New York and Cotton On there.. I am really tempted to get something from Cotton On.. Oohhh... Anyway, grabbed some food (hungry mah) before i rushed down to Jurong East instead...

Got the student's package cos i remember to bring along my sim student pass so it is only $17.50 nett.. Cheap~~ I sang from 2.45pm till 7pm non-stop.. Managed to sing most of the songs i want to.. There are a few that i didnt have enough time to sing.. Anyway, Jasmine is a happy gal now.. ^_^

I think people is always amazed that I can go to sing alone. Well, the benefit is that you really dont need to wait for your songs and nobody is fighting with you for the mike. Great when you want to practice some songs. The bad points are that you dont have an audience and you cant go to the toilet for fear that your things may gone missing.. Oh well, i love to do it again some time soon.. Singing alone is some sort of a therapy for me.. Still cant reach the key for Guo Meimei's song though.. super hard to sing.. sighz..

Here's a song which never fails to make me happy whenever i sing it.. The chinese version of "Under the sea", sing by Jolin Tsai.. 海洋之心(Heart of the ocean)

And also the emo song i like by the late Leslie Cheung, 追(Chase)... This always make me sad.. He was too young to leave us.. Sighz.. Enjoy it..

Hmm... i wonder where i can get the dvd of 金枝玉叶 1 & 2... want to buy them for keepsake..

p.S. Now i got craving to go ice skating cos i watched ppl ice skate just now.. who want to go with me.. Need someone to save my butt..


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