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Saturday, October 04, 2008


I cannot resist shopping, either online or offline... The bad thing is i shop and shop, but never really use the things.. That's why my mom is super mad at me...... but... i... just.... cant..... resist... it....

Rings i bought online..

More rings..

My recent buys from Fredflare.com, one of the bandages (eggs and sausages) is for Cakie as away gift..

The clothes i hide in my cupboard..

This is how it looks when i took them out and put on my bed...

But the clothes here are only part of it.. i still have some in the drawer and top section of the cupboard.. and some in my suitcase... argh.. i better take them out to wear.. but no occasion leh.. sighz.. i'm too used to tees and jeans in office..


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