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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Staring at my computer while thinking of the past

Today i brought work home to digest.. but now, instead of doing it, i am staring at my computer blankly..

Suddenly i am overcome with a sense of nostalgia.. i cant help missing my school days, be it in primary school, secondary school, jc or poly.. I miss them all..

I miss the days when i will play catching with my friends after school.. how i trained like mad for the coming competitions.. when a bunch of us helped to clean up the library.. How we spent an afternoon in a classmate's place playing pillow fights.. Playing with candles on the top of a parking storey on Mid-Autumn..

Memorising for exams while eating sushi.. Working 3 part-time jobs.. Having numerous of CCAs.. Conquering Mt K with a great bunch of ppl despite having AMS.. Helping out in school events.. Learning new things in school..

All these and more.. I cant stop thinking of them.. Somehow, I feel that I didnt cherish back then.. And now, I regret it.. I should have done everything more.. With more passion, with no regrets..

Now... what can i do now??


  • Eh... how about buying us makan?

    (Bo bian, bad economy cresis la)

    By Blogger Old Beng, at 11:39 AM  

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