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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Why do you like me?

I was reading Daryl's post on the why question..

Sometimes i feel that the reason why a gal asked the question "Why do you like me?" is because she feel insecure. She cant feel the love or the reason of the love. Are you together for the sake of being together? Because you are so comfortable with each other? What is the love that is between you two? Is it even there?

Gals tend to need more reassurance. Not just by words but with your actions as well. A hug, a kiss, a tender touch on the cheek. All these can express your love for her. But have you do it recently?



  • Thanks for adding your thoughts and the links, Jasmine!

    I've been slowly realising that even though words help, you're right, girls do need some obvious demonstrations that you're really into them. Not necessarily because they feel insecure about anything, but just because it's a welcome outward display of emotion from their boy =)

    By Anonymous Daryl Tay, at 12:09 AM  

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