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Saturday, June 13, 2009

改变 Change


其实,为什么要变?变就真的能变好吗? 也有变坏的例子吧? 有时候不是应该以'不变应万变'的姿态来面对一些事物吗?



The only constant thing in the world is change itself. Everyday, there is a new thing happening around us. This is an undeniable fact.

What is the purpose for changing? Is it really changing for the better? I'm sure there are examples where the results made the situations worse. Surely, there are cases where we deal with the situations in the same way, instead of trying to change it?

Maybe change is just a form of motivation for us. It is there to stop us from being too lazy and uncreative. I'm not sure if change is good or bad in nature. I really have no answer for this question. I guess all of us can only search for the answer ourselves.


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