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Thursday, June 11, 2009

华文退步了! 我的天啊! Oh my god, I'm getting bad in my Mandarin!

前几天在抄写歌名时, 竟发现自己殷殷自豪的华文竟然消失了. 我竟然忘了怎么写"旁", 这么简单的一个字. 真的是晴天霹雳啊! 是因为现在的工作无需真的用到华文吗? 我很担心有一天我会把我的母语忘掉. 只能现在好好的在部落格里温习, 希望还能补救. 大家也要好好练习喔! ^_^


I realise I am getting bad in my Mandarin when I was unable to write a chinese character a few days ago. It was such a simple word, yet I cannot remember how to write it. It was and still is a really big shock for me. Is it because I do not really need it for my current job (besides speaking)? I am so afraid I will forget about using Mother Tongue language one day. Guess I can only start practising in my blog now. Hopefully it will helps. You should start doing it too. :)


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