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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rock Climbing and Ferrata Singapore

Note: No Mandarin version cos I am lazy to find the translations for words like Ferrata, etc. :P

Last week, my company organised an outing for some staff to try rock climbing & ferrata climb indoors in the new Orchard Central building. Since i was one of the organisers for this event (yes, volunteered by my boss to be in the welfare committee for this year), i decided to join in the fun too..

This is how tall the wall is - 30metres..

Scary right? I feel weak in the knees everytime i glanced up and imagined myself climbing.. Due to time constraints (we did the event after working hours) plus we have 15 people in the group, we only managed to do the normal rock climbing plus scale 15metres of the ferrata wall (where the white platform is). Since it is only 15metres, we need to incline down the platform using a rope. Not an easy task since most of us are tired after the climb, especially me with my trembling legs.

Many of us have problems letting go after the rock climbing. In fact, some of my colleagues just climbed down the wall again instead of being pulled down in the faster way. One thing to note is that the rock climbing used an auto-belaying gear that can hold up to 200kg of weight. I got some scratches on my inner arms cos i was too tired to pull myself up and can only use my arms to grab the rungs to increase the strength.. Plus i need to hold on to the rung as i fasten the protection gears..

I think it was great fun and really let us experience our own fears of heights and of letting go... However, i think i will need more time to recover before i attempt this again. Hahaha..

Me scaling the ferrata wall.. yay..

My reward - scratches on left arm

My reward - scratches on right arm

If you are keen to try this activity, you can call Borderx at 68844870 for more info. Currently they have a "Buy 3 get 1 free" promotion for a group of 4 people till end of August.

Check out the website and facebook group too. :)


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