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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

5th Asian Festival of First Films

*Press Release from AFFF*

Call for Entries Announced!

· Discover Asia’s brightest new stars and filmmakers
· Entries from 31 countries received

6 July, 2009, Singapore - The 5th Asian Festival of First Films (AFFF) has been receiving entries for AFFF 2009 to be held in Singapore from 28 November to 4 December 2009.

AFFF created a dynamic platform to showcase first time excellence in film making from the Asia - Pacific film making community. The festival continues to highlights the diversity and uniqueness of Asian - Pacific cultures and its Diaspora through film and documentary.

“The diversity and talent that continues to emerge from the Asia – Pacific area is outstanding. From the steppes of Mongolia to the oceans of the Pacific, from the streets of Teheran to the Forests of Vietnam, our film makers continue to inspire us with stories of passion and hope, love and despair’ says Sanjoy Roy, Festival Director.

The final nominations will be announced in October 2009 and they will be judged by an eminent jury who will award films across 11 categories. The results will be announced at the gala awards night on 4th December in Singapore.

Last year’s winners include ‘Firaaq’, a thought-provoking Indian film about the aftermath of the 2002 riots in Gujarat; which won a hat trick of awards, including Best Film. Other winners included Singaporean Bosco Francis for Best Actor for his excellent performance in Eric Khoo’s ‘My Magic’ and Dante Nico Garcia from Philippines for his outstanding directorial work in ‘Ploning’.

Award winning films have gone on to find commercial success in film territories across the world. ‘The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros’ (AFFF Best Film 2005 and Philippines’ official Academy Award entrant 2007 for Best Foreign Film), grossed over 20 Million USD in revenues after being discovered at AFFF. ‘Jump’ which was awarded Best Documentary went on to find theatrical release in Taiwan. Shoe Fairy - Japan, Bombivili Fast – India, ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’ - Malaysia, ‘A Hero’s Journey’ – Singapore, and the ‘Dragon Eye Congee’ – Taiwan also found commercial success.

AFFF is a part of the Asia TV Forum (2-4 December 2009) organized by the Media Development Authority (MDA) which helps in the marketing of film rights internationally. “AFFF and ATF present a strong platform for any first time film maker to showcase their work and find success in the world of film making” commented Shweta Asnani, Executive Producer of the AFFF.

All filmmakers of Asian Pacific origin are encouraged to submit their films and documentaries at the earliest. Submission forms, rules and regulations are available on the AFFF website at www.asianfirstfilms.com. There is no entry fee and the final submission deadline is 15 September 2009.

The nominated first-time films and documentaries will compete for eleven awards in the categories of:
· Best Actor in a Leading Role
· Best Actress in a Leading Role
· Best Cinematographer
· Best Director
· Best Director (Documentary)
· Best Documentary
· Best Film
· Best Producer
· Best Script or Screenplay
· Best Short Film
· Purple Orchid Foreign Correspondents Association Choice Award

For more information on the AFFF, please log on to www.asianfirstfilms.com.


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