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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

AFFF updates: Entries closed for 2009

Well, entries are closed for 2009. If you have submit your works, be sure to look out for the nomination list in November and good luck to you. If you didnt send in any yet, oh well, there is always next year. You can check out the works in this year and get a taste of how competition is like. :)

For your information, here's the Festival Process:

1. Selection will take place worldwide as determined by the Festival Directorate.

2. After the selection process the directorate will shortlist films in each of the following categories:

a.Best Film (Producer or Director)
b.Best Director
c.Best Producer
d.Best Cinematographer or Editor
e.Best Female Actor
f.Best Male Actor
g.Best Script/Screenplay
h.Best Documentary
i.Best Director of Documentary
j.Foreign Correspondents Association Choice Award
k.Best Short Film Award

4.The films will be screened at the Asian Festival of 1st Films to be held from 28th Nov to 4th Dec 2009.

5.Nominations will be announced in Singapore and posted on the AFFF website in November 2009. Subsequent contact will be made with the nominees.

6.An international jury composed of eminent film personalities, appointed by the Festival Directorate, will determine the winners in each of the defined categories.

7.The decisions of the jury will be full and final.

8.Awards will be announced at a ceremony to be held on 4th December 2009 in Singapore to be telecast across the region.


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