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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mayday D.N.A Singapore Concert 2009 五月天新加坡创造演唱会2009

Last month, I went for Mayday D.N.A concert held in Singapore on 28 & 29 August. Actually my initial plan was just to go for the Friday session as I didn't want to spend too much cash. But I was too touched by Mayday on Friday that I decided to go for the Saturday session. Another reason was also because I felt that the audience for Friday was not responsive enough, thus it just didn't feel so right.

However, I was still pulled back by the money factor. Another hundred dollar plus was not easy for me as I am financially strapped for the moment. In fact, I was still debating whether to go or not at that very afternoon. In the end, I thought "What the heck! Just go lah. I may have to wait for a long while for the next one." So I went down to Lot 1 Sistic counter at 5pm, got the most expensive ticket at $178 (Friday one is $148) and went straight down to the Indoor Stadium alone.

Madness you will say. Why will one see the same concert for twice in a row and alone on the second night somemore? If you have thought that, you most probably have not seen Mayday concert before. I definitely did not regret my decision to watch the concert again.

If Friday was good for me, I will say that the Saturday was a terrific and wondrous experience. The audience was so enthusiastic and at least 90% of them were standing throughout (except for the times when the videos were being played). I didn't touch my seat at all till the last 15mins (only because Ashin asked us to, ok).

I did make a blunder when I swung my newly bought blue light stick and the top just flew out onto the extended stage.. Whoops... I was so embarassed that I really wanted to find a hole to hide at that time.. Hahaha.. Luckily I managed to ask one of the security guards (a handsome one somemore) to take it away from the stage as I remember Ashin would use the extended stage one more time and I didn't want him to slip on it.

I was truly sad when the concert ended. I wished it would have continue forever. In fact, I even did a fan-like thing at that end - waiting for Mayday to leave the stadium. I noticed that Mayday were quite tired when they left in the bus. I also saw Little Stone being carried to the bus by Stone.

Anyway, even after one month, I am still affected. Especially after knowing how wonderful they have performed in the four concerts last week in Taiwan, I really wished I could have been there to enjoy their performances. Oh well, I guess that will be one of my dreams in the future - to watch their concert in Taiwan at least once in my life. I hope it will happens very soon.

Below are some photos from the concerts, didn't take much though. :)


上个月底, 我去看了五月天在新加坡举行的<<创造演唱会>>。原本, 我只打算看礼拜五的那场。可是, 我被五月天感动了, 所以决定连礼拜六的也去。 有部分原因也是因为我觉得礼拜五的观众不够热情, 使得五月天没法全情投入地表演。

虽然很想看, 我还是有一点点的犹豫。这是因为我手头有点紧, 格外的一百多块的花费并不是一件容易决定的事。 不过结果我还是决定去了。因为我心里有一把声音告诉了我: "想这么多干什么?像去就去啊! 下一次不知道要等多久呢!" 于是, 我五点时去了蔡厝港的第一乐广场的 Sistic 柜台, 买了一张 $178 的门票 (礼拜五的门票是$148 的), 就一个人冲去室内体育馆了。

也许你会觉得很疯狂吧。 有谁会连续两晚观看同一个演出, 而第二晚还是一个人看? 如果你有这样的想法, 你应该是还没真正看过五月天的演唱会吧。总之, 我完全不后悔我去了礼拜六的演唱会。

如果礼拜五的那场感动了我, 那么礼拜六的是完完全全把我的灵魂给燃烧了。我又找回对音乐的热情了。 全场的观众都很投入, 而九十八仙都是站着看演唱会 (除了看录影带时)。 我也是在演唱会最后十五分钟才动过我的位子 (因为是阿信叫我们坐的)。

我在演唱会发生了一件丢脸的事。 我把刚买的蓝色荧光电棒摇的太大力, 结果一分为二, 而上面的部分还飞到伸展台上。 还好有一位帅的保全人员帮我把它给丢了。 因为我记得阿信会再走一次伸展台, 所以我可不想他跌倒了。
当演唱会结束时,我真的很舍不得。真希望五月天能就这样永远的唱下去。我还做了一件像歌迷的事, 就是等他们离开会场。我发现他们看起来很累喔。我还看到石头抱着小石头上巴士。

虽然已经一个月了,我还是难以忘怀。尤其是知道他们在台湾的演唱会有多成功,我好希望自己能飞过去观看。咳,没关系,那将会是我未来的梦想 — 在我有生之年到台湾看五月天的演唱会。真希望那一天很快就会来。

上载了一些我在演唱会拍的照片,请慢慢看。 ^_^

Day 1

Start of Concert

Me and Karen

Me and Karen again

Love this lighting effect

Ah Shin singing so emotionally

Ah Shin

Me at end of Concert

Day 2

Me at start of Concert

Massa singing solo

Audience getting high

Waving the blue lightsticks

This was taken accidentally by my friend who was in the premier seats. I love my position as I am only 10cm away from Mayday when they walked to the end of the extended stage on my side. :)

End of Concert


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