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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reckless drivers shouldn't drive

I was reading The New Paper on Wednesday morning about the little schoolgirl who was knocked down by a reckless driver and died on Monday. On that same Wednesday afternoon, I experienced the same reckless behaviour from a driver

I was on my way back to office after lunch with my colleague. The pedestrian light had turned green and we were walking halfway across the road when a light-coloured van zoomed past us. Although it is not going at a fast speed, it was breaking the law by running a red light and there are people crossing the road in danger. I was too shocked to note down the car plate number at that time.

Or the case when i was crossing a zebra crossing on Thursday morning when the car can't wait for me or the ladies crossing the opposite direction to finish walking the short distance and just drove past us. I can feel the car going by from my back. He will probably just need to wait for just 15 seconds but that probably seemed pretty pointless to him.

Or when I also caught one police car accelerating when the light turned yellow so that the car can turned into the expressway instead of waiting patiently for 5 minutes for the next green light. I know that this is a busy road due to many cars going by to go to the CTE and the traffic lights can be slow since there are 3-ways traffic. However, what has happened to our patience such that we cant even wait for just 5 minutes?

I seriously can't answer that. Is it our hectic lifestyles? The way that we are trained to work faster and faster such that we are unable to stop and smell the roses? Are we too concerned with our material needs that we neglect the most important things in life? I think it is such a pity as Singapore is considered to be more developed than some of the developing countries around us and yet, most of us will never be as happy as the people there.

Sighz.. Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to all..


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