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Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am a crazy woman...

If you are someone living in Singapore, you will know how horrible the public transport is like during the peak hours. Huge numbers of human beings being packed like sardines in a tin can.

There were times when i saw people carrying big bags that just stood in the way of all the people around. The bags are usually bulky and of a shape that was beyond the owner's frame. The thing that annoyed me was that the owner did not even bother to hold the bag closer to their bodies because it was tiring (i guess). Just hang there by all means. Extra space and also protection from the crowd.

Well, it was times like these when I felt like taking a penknife and just slashed a few times over the bags. Yes, I know I sounded crazy but I am just irritated by those people who are so inconsiderate. I carried big bags too and I always tried to put them in front of me so as not to take up extra space during the peak hours.

Maybe it is time for me to buy a nice penknife to do the trick. Maybe that will stop people from not taking note of their bags in the MRT. Hahaha..

p.S. If you wonder why i dont blog in Mandarin recently, it's because I cant find the chinese language component on my home computer anymore. I need to find the software to install it back and I am just plain lazy. And I dont really blog in office though my office computer does has it. :P


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