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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A big THANKS to all, especially to ....

Cant really sleep, though the effects of the panadol i took is still within me.. pls dont ask me to see a doc.. I am those poor ppl who had seen the doc so many times that their medicine no longer had any effect on me... And i had learnt long ago that a goood rest and some good entertainment (this is where my stash of vcds came in handy) will cure me more effectively instead of throwing my bucks into the doc's pockets...

The mosquito in my home is so bad.. still suck my blood when i'm sick.. See i got two bites on my thigh.. like vampire's bite.. haha .. very itchy.. ahh.. *scratch and scratch
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Anyway, just want to say thanks to some readers.. Thanks for reading, especially to those who bothered to leave me a msg.. I am busy upgrading myself so that i can entertained you guys more.. Dont know if my style is very scary cos my statistics showed very little ppl coming back, which is a blow to my big big ego.. haha.. and i thought i was interesting.. Apparently not..

The forum, "http://lovestation.neatfriend.com" seems to be getting hot.. As you can see from my list of referrals, most of the readers were actually searching for it in Yahoo and came by my bloggie by accident... Since they know the address of the forum, why dont they just type it in the address box instead of searching for it.. the minds of humans.. can never understand the complexity of it... Anyway, i really must say thank you to the forum since it boost up my number, especially since i had said the website sucked.. :p Hopefully, my number will be able to reach 1000 by 21st May cos that's two months from the date i set up the site meter..

Lately, i had been going out of my small circle and reading other interesting blogs.. Mainly because Xiaxue had not been blogging much recently and i need some new sources of entertainment.. you can see my list getting longer and longer.. i even managed to find a dream guy.. wahaha.. Starting to leave more comments and not just reading.. Oh my god.. i am finally having a BRAIN.. what joy...

One sad thing though, i just discovered that the DVDs of the Korean drama, Snow White, that i bought in Taiwan cant be played on my DVD player... i think it is due to the format.. i had expected it but still hope that the result would be different.. Never mind, i will save up for a dvd player that is multi-coded.. Better yet, anyone can lend me his/her player?


  • Mosquito's are filthy creatures, eh? I can NOT stand them!!!

    And thanks for stopping by our blog and saying hello ;)


    By Blogger Angie, at 9:22 PM  

  • Yea.. Mosquito are disgusting.. i read that they originated from a blood sucking giant.. but then it could just be a tale..

    Thanks for being a sweetheart and leaving me a comment.. you are the first to do so.. Muacks.. :p

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 9:28 PM  

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