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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Does life goes on?

My left hand still hurts, thus here i am, typing with one hand and holding kit kat with another (my left hand can still hold things lah..)..

There are several things that happen in the week, so let me update for all of you...

1. The calm one and Suspicious Bastard had stopped blogging (for the moment)
This means i will be bored to core again.. haha.. not really but definitely need to rely on blogs like sassyjan, scarlett ting, Mr Machine, Aimee and Angie, Cowboy Caleb, Finicky Feline, etc etc.. Xiaxue is not really on the list.. not sure whether it is me or her.. but her recent posts are really poorly done.. (well, except the Will you marry me post to Kenny Sia.. that's funny..) Maybe she's busy with work.. wait a min.. everyone else is BUSY with work (except me :p).. so i cant really excuse her.. Hopefully she will buck up..

2. Kenny Sia rejected Xiaxue's proposal
Oh my god, the Queen of photoshop kena rejected.. This should makes the anti-Xiaxue bloggers cheer for a long long while... Kenny even go on to explain why the marriage wont work out (sex with Yoda is bad...).. Read his reply...

3. Triple Period had lost his mind..
By that, i am referring to his post on Blog for Love.. I suspected believed that it had something to do with Xiaxue's proposal to Kenny.. but then love is complicated.. So to all eligible/ desperate females out there who met his criteria.. pls email him and save a desperate young man from crying over an unfulfilled love..

4. Death of a blogger in New York
Here's the news article... This is scary plus scary = very scary... He was actually killed by his sis's ex bf (another reason why i'm still single), someone he knew... Anyway, the sad thing is he digged Star Wars like any guy does, but he died one week before he can watch it.. and he so wanted to watch it.. it's like dying without fulfilling any of your last wishes... If i was to die, i hope i will know the date, time.. so that i can do something.. You ppl will probably said i should have done it now, so that there's no regrets.. but there are things that need courage, a lot of courage before you will have done it.. till now, i still dont have that courage..

I told my mom this yesterday morning and then quarrelled with her in the afternoon due to this.. Why? Because she actually let a stranger into our place.. a window contractor, those who do door-to-door sales.. Quarrel because i am worried for her safety.. the thing is i know she usually wont do this.. dont know why she did it when i'm home.. She's too friendly at times... worried, worried and worried.. sighs..

P.S. Although this is BIG BIG news, but i placed it at no.4 as the 4 means "death" in chinese dialect.. so i'm trying to put across this irony, which i believe nobody will have notice if i have not mention.. wahaha..

5. The Blogspot wave hits again..
Yeah.. it hits again.. this time on blogs like Mr Machine, Ronald (my friend), etc etc.. Their blogs just disappeared suddenly.. Last time, i also kena this Blogspot wave (i named it this.. haha) and lost my dear bloggie for 5 hours... sad sad.. blogspot needs to do something.. Apparently, it is bitting off more than it can chew... It cant handle the lot of us anymore and thus, resulting in it slashing its lightsabre at any innocent blogger from time to time.. it makes me want to change my domain to something more stable.. but then i shouldn't complain too much since blogspot is free after all.. But like any other Singaporeans, i cant help my mouth..

6. I kena tomorrowed for the Popular Clearance Sale
I should have known it from the start.. A sale is the thing to bring out the Singaporean side of the Tomorrow's editors and help my post to be approved.. Since Singapore sale is coming right up, i should sacrifice my body and engulfed in the man-eating shopping-crazed crowd to observe them.. Hopefully my camera phone is enough to take some nice nice shots.. haha.. To end, i must put that logo...

Hopefully the next time, the contributor will be someone other than me myself.. Alright, thou should not say anymore... pretty tired now....

Game for the day: Grow
This is an easy game but the aim is to achieve LV max for all the 12 items, which is hard.. so far, i only got 5 9 LV Max.. haha.. Best of luck in the game..

Updated: My Score

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Not very good, but it's my best so far.. wahaha.. i should not waste my time on this game anymore.. going to explore other new games..


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