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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I'm a goner~~

Hi all.. remember that i mention that a smile is the most impt thing in the service industry (No? then u must not be reading my posts regularly.. give yourself a slap and read this)..

Well... the thing is i can barely force myself to smile during work yesterday.. why? maybe it is due to sleeping only 5 hours or just working for 4 days straight.. Anyway, at least i get to rest more today as i will only be starting work at 1pm.

I am feeling much much better after an early goodnite rest and a nice breakfast (too bad, my porridge tasted a bit chao da after being a bit overcooked by mom.. hee)

The worst thing had happened though.. SHE is staying on.. she, referring to my supervisor.... And i had just ordered some goods without her consent yesterday morning... i fear she will kill me :p.. if she do, this may very well be my last post.. Oh my god.. i am scared stiff.. the thing is i am not really afraid but more afraid that i will lose my control and give her a good hit in the face... then she will sue the hell out of me and i'm a goner then.. Sighz, life is so miserable.. at least i can hit her in my head.. er.. i mean thoughts..

Ok, i am going to enjoy my last few moments in peace... :p


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