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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

That thing about WORK!!!

I was pissed off last friday due to the fact that i was forced to work OT at the last minute. My colleagues and I had to double check and print the official letters announcing the new changes in policy for all 600 plus staff. We had to do OT cos we had only start doing this job that very morning and were expected to do all by that night so that my boss can looked through ALL the letters on Sat and Sun (Why the hell do i have to double check if she WAS going to check anyway?).

Usually, i was okay with OT but it happened that i had arrange to meet up with my poly friends for dinner and i WAS the organiser!! I was planning to bring them to Ms Clarity Cafe to try the food there but thus due to me not being there to bring them to the place, the rest of them ate at The Soup Place (did i get the name right?) at Raffles City..

I worked till 10pm, took a cab and rushed down to The Esplanade to meet them. By the time i reached there (10.30pm), most of the places are closed so i had to eat at The Makansutra.. Dont know what to eat and just bought fried kway tiao to eat.. It costed $4 and was damn spicy.. I had forgotten to ask for no chilli.. Sighz.. Although the serving was big enough for 2 ppl to eat, i only ate a quarter.. Frankly, i had lost my appetite after all the work (my normal dinner time is 7pm the latest!!) and my back aches like hell..

Then worked OT on this Monday again to do the second phrase of the work - Photocopying a duplicate, folding both copies and putting them into the envelope, which also required us to print a label stating the name, badge no and dept. Do the process i just stated multiply by 600 times divided by 3 staff... I can go lalalalala already... So once again, i do OT till 8pm.

Then yesterday, I was sooooooooo happy. I thought my work was done.. Finally, we can give out the letters... only to be told that there was a mistake in ALL the letters.. The signature on the duplicate copy NEED to be original and not photocopied.. This is something that my boss and superior had overlooked while my colleague and I had failed to voice out. Both of us are so stupid; we thought that this letter do not need the signature to be original. We thought that the boss know about this issue.. We are wrong cos we forget that the boss is not smart enough...

Okay, so now we had to take out all the folded letters, photocopied a no-signature last page for all of them, then let my boss signed them. The hardest part was that there are many different versions of THAT last page as the staff are from different grades.. So we try our best to replace the pages, but i think there were still some mistakes.. I really do not care by this time.. I am thankful that i had 2 great interns who helped us to complete this task, helping us to go home on time yesterday.. We were all worried that the boss will be back from her meeting before we left.. the last 45 mins were really filled with anxiety and fear... Lucky she was delayed and we ran off when the clock struck 5.45pm.

When we came to the office today, the boss called to say that she will be late as she had signed the letters till 2am plus. That is how much of a workaholic my boss is, sick also wont take mc.. My interns and us managed to put the letters into the envelopes and rearrange the letters by alphabetically by lunch time.. Yipeee!!! Then we finally gave out all the letters liao (except for managerial positions loh.. that one not my business)

Divert a little.. I really have to say this... One of my interns were already with us last week (the one only came this week) and she stayed back till 6.30pm on Friday to help us... all out of her own accord... And she is from nyp too, my junior... haha.. Her Liasion Officer (LO) happened to be the lecturer/tutor i once hated.. lalalalala...

Back to crapping.. I think all this OT shit was due to poor planning loh.. Boss ask superior to do this alone.. Poor superior OT for a few days and cannot do it, reflected to boss to seek assistants' help. Poor assistants got told to finish the work together in one day.. And all that rushing resulted in mistakes here and there, causing double work... All this for what? To not let our dept lose out too much to the hr dept at "the other side", cos they had given out the letters on Tuesday.. Sighz..

There is this lack of trust thingy that always bug me.. True that there should be some secrecy between the staff but not to the extent that one know this and one dont know.. Like today, i made a mistake when the other staff in other dept (FINANCE!!) asked me about the items in the letters... Nobody told me that the confidential staff will share the same benefits as the exempt staff now (do you think i will have the TIME to read when i was folding??), while my boss had already explained this to my colleague (same position as me).. This is how bad it is; there is no system here.

My boss is currently using redesignation and pay increment as a bait to let me stay. The thing is because my poly friend, wh0 happened to work at "the other side", is now in that position and drawing that pay. That's why she want to increase my level. The thing is it is not just the job that is pushing me away, it is the boss and her bad working style too.

I always thought that hr needed to do things on time but our letters are 8 days later than the start of the new policy loh.. Why why why??? I am just exhausted..


  • Staffs like you can write er.. evaluation letters or not? Haha. I don't know about this cos I've been a worker all my life. So my judgement is biased. Should ask Jay-Walk. Opinion from a boss.

    By Blogger Zhe Bin, at 1:32 AM  

  • Currently, we are not doing 360 degrees evaluation forms so no feedback from us lower levels.. Even if there is, do you think we will be giving honest opinions? Most ppl fear losing their jobs... Anyway, the boss i was referring is also just a PAID employee..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 7:29 AM  

  • Here's what you can do assuming you have enough interest to invest more into this company for the sake of advancing your career in this organisation.

    If you spot a problem, offer a solution.

    Do it in the form of a paper, i.e. a formal proposal (with the usual background research, objective, problem identified, proposed, solution, method and plan of implementation and finally evaluation and control.)

    A paper may seem like a lot of work, but it communicates to your company, that you actually sat down and put a lot of thought into this proposal. It is easy to just mouth off brainless solutions but when a formal proposal is formulated, management owes it to you to take it more seriously.

    Submit it to your immediate boss (and not bypass her) but water-marked it in case she decided to remove your name and put hers instead, in her effort to hijiacked your hard work.

    Now. If you think all this is too much trouble for you, then I think you are better off working with whatever exisiting system you have now, albeit less than perfect, and hold your peace.

    By Anonymous Jay "The Boss Speaks" Walk, at 10:11 AM  

  • welcome to the working world...most of the time, tasks comes last min one...

    By Blogger Leonard, at 11:21 AM  

  • j daddy: I think you are mistaken.. there may be a mess in the other depts due to not having a systematic process but in my case, it had more to do with my boss (mgr)..

    She tended to prefer to have one to one talk but she's not good with words.. Super sensitive ppl like me only find offence in the words' meanings.

    Specific info which should be spreaded to all relevant staff was only told when she remembered for that particular staff, leaving some of us out of the loop..

    That's the way i cant accept. I think being a mgr required some skills but she dont have the capability to make a firm decision...

    leonard: Last min tasks due to idiocy.. so sad..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 10:33 PM  

  • I hate folding letters. A job that doesnt need any brainwork = a damn boring one. I can fall asleep on it. What's worse is that I always kena papercut from folding letters! Argh.

    By Anonymous OLLie, at 10:45 PM  

  • ollie: i also kenna a lot of papercuts.. haiz..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 11:12 PM  

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