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Sunday, June 18, 2006

MF session 2 & Cars movie

Yesterday was a very packed day for me as I had planned to work OT for 4 hours (no money liao so must get from all means), go bank before 1pm to verify thumbprint (yes, i used thumbprint one cos i can never sign the same signature) for giro form to pay back cpf eduction loan, go MF for 2nd session at 1.30pm and then meet my friend at 3.30pm for lunch and window shopping.

Wanted to reach BB plant at 7.30am but the rain caused me to arrive at 8.01am.. Worked and worked till 12pm.. Time passed really fast on saturday, why cant it be the same for normal weekdays? Rushed to the bank and was relieved to see that the queue is not very long. Took me just 30mins to get things done there. After that, I received sms from my friend that our meeting is cancelled as she needed to go down to the restaurant earlier and was on the way there already. Suddenly, I got only the MF session left. Haha.. little miss here not was not happy that i had nothing to do in the afternoon and decided to watch a movie at Jurong Point after the session.

I reached Jurong Point at 1pm and decided to walk around for 30mins. Went to MF at 1.30pm and this time, they did not pass me the slip. Good, at least they noticed their error from the last time. While i was waiting for the staff to bring me in for the session, one of the consultant asked me to see her after my session. I felt like a little girl being asked to go to the Principal's office; I was so nervous. Haha.. I need to improve on my composure; i cant afford to be so easily scared if i want to make a living in the outside world.

I was served by a lady called Suzan yesterday (the lady in the first session was YY, i think). I had to do the cold treatment first in the small changing room due to the lack of treatment rooms (Saturdays are too packed.. hmphz). This time round, there is no cling wrap like last time so the cold bandages actually were on my body directly, making it colder than before. Also, my whole arms were also covered this time. I looked like a half-mummifiedbody and felt like a drug addict trying to kick the habit. It really feel like those "cold turkey" thingy (or whatever you called them), where the person will tremble with teeth chattering (you get the picture).. Even the hand paraffin treatment (finally know what it is called) does not help much. I drank the whole cup of warm tea and wished they had hotter ones.. Time flew by like years...

Only got the pics of the small changing to share..

Cabinet to store your stuff, to place the cup of tea/water.. and dustbin to throw rubbish :p

The seat where you sit to wait for the person to come back and save you from the coldness.. Alternately, the place to wait when it is not your time to do the treatment.

After that, it was the massage treatment.. I love Suzan's hands.. She really worked at the knots in my shoulders, which was damn aching.. And a lot and a lot of time was spent on my tummy, which is good cos that is my main source of problem (fats).

Last one is the heater (one of these days, i must see what the machine is called) to get rid of the water. I got the feeling that she forgotten about me and i was heated for more than 20mins. Cos by the time someone came to get me, i was in sweat throughout, unlike last time. I was perpirsing so much that the lady (i think suzan was having her break) commented that i looked like i had secretly urinated. I was worried that i really did that cos i had the urge to go toilet but have controlled it. Luckily, the answer is no.. I still got control.. heehee.. But this means i really lose a lot of water (or whatever it is). My thighs were a little red though but it was not painful and recovered a few mins later. I wiped myself with the warm towel, changed and went outside. It was already almost 3 hours since i stepped in as compared to 1.5 hours i spent previously. How come? But I dont mind the longer hours if it is more effective.. So far, my tummy seemed to be very very very very very stubborn leh.. Hmphz..

I met the consultant, Jolin, who informed me that she will be taking over my case as my previous consultant, Iris was transferred to Tampines outlet. How come like that one? No one informed me about this loh.. Minus marks for the service of consultants again. Really loh, if you are in the line of service, you really need to make customers feel welcome and cherished. I feel like unwanted child or something. Even insurance company will send a letter to clients to inform the change of the agents when the previous one resigned (My brother got one years ago from Prudential :p). This is very bad for new customers as this will form the impression of your centres on them. I really hope that they will take note of this problem. Hmphz...

Didnt get to see the nutritionist as there are ppl queuing up to see her, thus i just passed my weekly food chart to Jolin and left. Checking the time, i realised i am still in time for the movie, "Cars" at 1610 so i quickly buy the movie tix. Before i went in, i went down to B1 Liberty Market to buy a bottle of water (so funny that i drink back more water when i just lost some) as i was really really thirsty. Of cos i am very ladylike when i drink and didnt gobble the water. I actually didnt have my lunch yet, as i didnt expect the session to be so long. In the end, i only ate 4 biscuits that were in my bag during the movie and drink the whole bottle of water in the 2hours movie. I got a great deal for the seat as it was right smack in the middle, with no one besides me. I think someone may have cancelled at the last min or something. So happy to be sitting around and all the kids were quite well-behaved and did cry/kick my seat/scream. Big applause to all the parents in the theatre.. You have done a great job in bringing up your kids.

I love watching "Cars". I had been waiting for it ever since i saw the ads way back during "The incredibles". I think it is really good, better than the previous works. Of course, it being the last work between Disney and Pixar is also part of the reason i am so passionate about it. I had a great laugh too, at all those funny scenes..

Actually, if you think about it, "Cars" is just a story of the real life. Replace the car characters with real people and you will see people who are so obsessed with fame and themselves that they forget to enjoy life itself. I guess the advice from the movie is to take life slow and learn to cherish the things around you. Everything is just a process, it is the experience that makes the difference.

So if you have time, go catch the movie (once, twice, lots of times) and enjoy it. Stay after the credits as there is a really nice song being played called, "Find yourself" by Brad Paisley (you can listen to a demo at the website). Plus there is a short last scene at the back. Enjoy!!!

Lightning McQueen



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