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Sunday, September 28, 2008

F1 in Singapore

Watching F1 on the tv.. Was almost falling asleep on my chair till the crash happened... Then got more excited when the pit stop error occurred to Massa.. Cant believe all these happening in Singapore.. So interesting.. And i think Hamilton is really lucky.. hahaha..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

pmsy emo

Yesterday i was really emo.. And i dont know why pms made me so sad.. Everything makes me sad.. everything is wrong.. I sat on the company stairs for 1 min and cried.. Why 1 min?? Before i heard someone walking up and i run to the toilet to wash up.. i think i cried like 3 times yesterday throughout.. I questioned why i am in this job.. what i am doing with my life.. PMS is scary..

One great thing is the good ppl around me.. Uncle Martin and Uncle QQ both said the same thing to me (one in person, one through msn).

Me: I'm emo today
Them: Why? What happened?
Me: PMS emo
Them: Oh, i cant help u with that..

Not exactly the same words but the same idea.. it really makes me smile for real.. I'm lucky today is a Sat.. I think i will hide at home and read storybooks..

Once i am done with all these emo-ness, i promised i will upload photos and really blogged... Okie??