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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tonic Soup

I finally know what caused the stomachache...


The black chicken and ba zhen tonic soup Mom cooked for me... i had it on both Sunday and Monday and wanted to go toilets on both days... But luckily, yesterday, I only went to the toilet once... I dont like doing "big business" in public toilet cos I feel that others will know what I am doing (through smell and sound).. So embarrassing sia... I am just not thick-skinned enough loh.. :p

I told my mom that her soup is the cause of my stomach upsets and she said,"Good mah, then you can slim down." I can only """""""""""-__- i want to lose weight not stay in the toilet forever loh... Btw, one good new is that i had went back to my 58kg liao.. losing about 2kg.. yipee.. hope i can lose more...

Monday, February 27, 2006

Which ancient bloodlines do you have?

You have Elvin blood: The blood in your veins is

that of the elves. The most noble of all

bloods. The Elves are very honest and wise,

and you share that aspect with them. You are

a very fun and kind person and anyone who

meets you immediately feels safe when youre

around. You are a great person and an even

better friend. Dont ever change for anyone.

What ancient bloodline do you have?
brought to you by Quizilla

My sense of hearing...

I was still drowsy from sleep yesterday when i heard my mom talking to my dad in the living room...

Mom: 等一下记得腌。。。 (remember to season later)

Me (shouting from the bedroom): 老爸要阉了自己? (Dad is going to castrate himself?)

Mom: 哎哟, 腌肉啦。。。 (Aiyoh, seasoning meat lah)

Sometimes, I loved my sense of hearing... heehee

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bar's 1st Birthday

Yesterday marked the last Sat i ever need to work in my current company... Woohoooooo!!!! I celebrated the day by going to the cowboybar's 1st anniversey anniversary ( fuck, i cant spell this word all the time) chalet... I went to West Mall to hang around, while waiting for Winter and others to reach the chalet before i start going there.. Reached the CDANS at 5pm and joined some barflies in a bowling game...

Do you know that there is a "No Slippers" sign at the entrance to the building where the Superbowl is situated.. The moment i saw that, "Shit, no slippers." came out from my mouth.. But after peeking through the doors and saw almost EVERYONE wearing slippers, i decided to just go into the building..

My first game was still okay, with a score of 105 but i lost my strength in the second one, with only 70plus, pulling down my average to 80plus per game.... I was very absentminded and kept forgetting my stuff.. Uncle Moo Moo aka Ah Gu(why ah gu ah?) even ran off with my slippers.. what a bad person!!! We left the alley at 6.50 and reached the chalet at 7pm.. But food was late so all of us were just standing around and all...

We were made to wear a tape stating our nicks for easier recognition.. BUT i still cannot remember who is who.. The faces are all now completely messed up liao, except for those i already know.. Hell, I cannot even distinguish which is NG and Cowboy.. their faces made me blur.. I had to remind myself that NG looked more serious and old while Cowboy looked more cheeky.. That's the bad thing about ppl being annoymous, cannot see the pics of the faces, so always forget how they looked like even though you saw them before.. :( I think i still may mistaken one for another so if i called ppl by the wrong nick, you must forgive me.. I IS OLD!!!

Reached home at 12plus and thought i got the strength to watch Naruto.. Ended up dozing on and off so i off the tv and went to bed...

I had wanted to go out to Queensway to buy sports shoes today but ended up running to the toilet 3 times.. Cleaning out everything cos i didnt really do it much this week... i think it is the alcohol i drank last nite that triggered it.. But fuck loh, it was only ONE CAN OF TIGER BEER... Unless it got to do with that punch TK made.. I think i can stop training my drinking already..

What i hate most is that when you go to the toilet and you thought you are finished liao, so you cleaned it off and left the toilet... Only to be returning in 10 mins time.. very sianz loh.. think of all the toilet paper and water that are wasted... No worries, this is not diarrhea but just my regular "clearing body" routine.. Sighz, i can only go shopping next week...

And what is wrong with Flickr.... Why is some of my pics not showing up.. Bloody hell...

Random thoughts:
If you are eating and shitting at the same time, does that mean your weight remains the same? Ok, this thought is grossing me out...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Which Superhero are you?

Got this via Jay Daddy

Your results:
You are Hulk
The Flash
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.

Why am i the hulk? I looked green? I am not even tall and with muscles... WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morals in this society

I noticed that some ppl found this site recently with the words, " nyp gal sex video" and the thing is i wasnt even trying to attract them.. I just happened to be in THAT same school and i used all these words before... Sighz...

Surprised to know that evelyn (blackhighheels) is mistaken to be "her" in a HK forum.. It cracked me up to know that the HK papers translated NYP as NTU in Chinese.. muahaha.. this seemed very common in foreign countries.. in fact, my friend told me that he went to France for this student exchange program and the ppl there thought his school is NTU (university).. guess they dont know what polytechnic stand for.. Thumbs up for the person for who invented this word :p

Back to the topic... thanks for visiting but i dont have the video (not anymore :p). This and this is better, ok? I love their singing... ^_^

Since we are talking about this issue, i will like to give my 2cents worth about it...

I believed most ppl's first thought is that she is stupid.. 吃完不会擦嘴... i think so too.. i mean a hp is just not safe for such pics or videos.. Friends may borrow it and do something and you wont know.. Cos the meaning of friendships is so blurred these days.. Furthermore, this is done by a stranger who hated her...

I am not sure whether she is happy to be so popular in the negative way., but i do sympathise her for the exposure of her face and identity... Everyone deserved a second chance and by exposing her, you may be pushing her to her death.. At least that's what i will do if was her.. You push too far, the spring bounced back, hitting you right back in the face...

I am not a writer, i dont know how to put across what i feel.. But i do believe in retribution (who knows whether the reporter will become a dog in the next life or not :p).. Let things be and everything may just return to normal... i hope... Singaporeans are just too free...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Desktop wallpapers

i was pretty bored at work lately, not because i have no work to do but rather i am not in the mood to work... So i spent some time to find a nice wallpaper for my office pc.. I found this pic in some free wallpaper site..

So nice, right? Looking at it makes me imagine i am not in the small and cold office in ulu Singapore but in some icy cold island surrounded by animals.. heehee...

How can i forget my own pc at home, right? I wanted something green, for my eyesight but i was distracted by these pics...

So kawaii ne~~~ haha.. currently, i am using the first pic above as my wallpaper but i will probably rotate it with the other two in a few weeks' time... heehee :p

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Black Mahjong

I accompanied my friend, Jane to Bugis on Sunday... She wanted to get a black mahjong set, which seemed to be only available in one place in Singapore (at least that was what she told me)... The shop is a small space in the Bencoolen (next to OG), but I will say that the space is enough for the mahjongs (mahjong sets are only that big, right)..

So my happy friend bought her mahjong table and 2 black mahjong sets ($245 total), 1 A1 for herself and 1 A2 for her boyfriend. She's too lazy to send me the pic so i can only take a pic from here..

Her mahjong set looked nicer than the one in the pic cos the colour of the wording is pink~~ heehee~~

After paying the uncle $10 for delivery fee, we left for some shopping.. We walked in Bugis Village and then went to Bugis Junction... As we were looking at the clothes and shoes and bags, she asked me about my current job... in which i replied...

Me: I think i should go and apply to be a librarian...
J: So that you will have books to read everyday? Even if you will get the same pay for the next 3 years?
Me: It's ok to me. After all, it is not a stressful job (i think). Actually, i can also go back to selling cds... But this time, i sell pirated ones...
J: And then you can practise your running again, right? This is a great job for you, you can combine two of your favourite things into one..
Both: Hahahaha...

It is so easy to make us crack up lately... we must be getting old..

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Which Foreign Guy Should You Date?

You Should Date A Swede!

You're a romantic, albeit an understated and practical one.
It's more about a steady partnership for you, not unrestrained falling
Your Swede will give you the unwavering love you crave
While making up some mean pancakes and meatballs on the side!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Getting a Degree...

Currently thinking of getting a part time deg course to pass my time as i am really getting very demoralised.. All i got now is a lousy A Levels cert and a NYP diploma in Business Management...Thinking of going to SIM to study as it is nearer to my place (10 -15min bus journey) so i can get home faster after lessons...

Now the problem is which course to choose from? UOL or RMIT? Anyone have any recommendations? I know most ppl seem to choose RMIT uni courses.. Hmmmm...

I'm still thinking of leaving Singapore.. dont know why, the idea is still struck in my head.. but now maybe leaving in the future more for leisure purposes and not for studying leh...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Art of Geisha-ism in Pub/Club..

Let me tell you what my Les Daddy, Kelawar, had imparted me yesterday.. It is the art of geisha-ism in pub/club..

1) Awareness

When you are sitting, facing one direction, your eyes can actually see who is looking at you from the sides (left and right of you)..

2) Acknowledgement

After you know who had been looking at you, turn your head and look at the person, always as if by accident. Bestow the person with a smile when he smile at you.

3) The sense

There are some men who will watch a woman from behind and when you able to sense it and know that someone is looking at you from behind, you are ready.

You have truly mastered the art of geisha-ism then.

I still think my daddy is a bit insane liao.. or mostly drunk.. and he definitely need to pay some copyleft fees to the author of "Memoirs of a Geisha".. hehehe..

NYDC and wala-ing

I meet Joycelyn, Chengying, Karen, Audrey and Malcolm for lunch today (18/2/06).. Most of us are late except for the couple... We went to NYDC for lunch and i ordered a ice mocha elephanccino and chicken ham sandwich..

the mocha drink.. not very special except that it's big..

Took a bite before i realised i didnt take photo...

Damn frigging big loh.. this is half of the sandwich and think is almost 1/3 of the plate.. i eat till i want to puke..

I only managed to finish 75% of the sandwich cos i need some space for the dessert.. Grovvy or something Goldmine (forget to take pic).. Shared with Joycelyn cos it's really too much.. My friends told me some guys were aiming at what dessert i ordered.. see i got taste, ok?

Chitchat session

Audrey with her new hairstyle, that is similar to Joycelyn.. 娃娃头...

The couple...

waiting for the food..

I was a little displeased with the service by the crew cos they didnt record the food we want correctly, keep missing one or two items.. Then have to repeat requests several times to different staff cos earlier staff never do things properly... Bleah~~

Wanted to go sing ktv but it was full and we didnt book any room.. so we ended up walking around and couple went to watch movie.. In the end, we went to marina square cos Joycelyn wanted to get something from SaSa.. But the item is out in Marina Square, Bugis and PS outlets so we let it be.. i saw this cute skin powder that can make your skin glittery when you put it on... So cute.. thinking of getting it soon but then i seldom wear skimpy tops leh.. like no use like that :p

At 6.20pm, Karen wanted to eat dinner ( i feel like puking at this time), so we walked around for a place to eat.. Settled in Swensens cos it was the only plae without any queue.. I only ordered a ice lemon tea... Left the gals at 7.15pm to go to Holland Village.. Reached and waited for Les Daddy and Mommy for 15 mins till 8.26pm... Then we went to Wala Wala to get the chops and one-for-one drinks first.. Yipee, got treated to beer by Daddy.. Saved money again liao :p

Greeted the gals first then went to grab some food at Thai Express.. I was full but i still ate some dessert to act as "blanket" for the beer later...

Thai Dessert - Mango and glutinous rice

Shirley was not at Wala Wala cos she went to Bangkok... A guy called Dennis helped to stand in for her.. Not bad lah but Grace dont seem to like his singing.. heehee.. I am really not a sucker for English songs.. i prefer Chinese pop more.. think i should go down to 爱情海 cafe for some live singing soon..

Finally saw DrS, Cheryos, Mr and Mrs Cowboy at wala... Now i finally understood why ppl mistaken NG for cowboy.. Both got the same shape and hairstyle, but the facial features are still different.. Took the Night Rider 8 home to save money.. But have to wait 15mins for the bus.. Cheap has a price one..

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Are You Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

Got this quiz from the forum...

Are You Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

Although one side of the brain is generally dominant over the other, we should strive to utilize both halves. A balanced brain makes a balanced person - combining sequential thinking with a holistic approach, or linear thinking with intuition, enables us to fully comprehend issues and solve problems. Left-brainers can dramatically improve their problem solving abilities by learning to "follow their gut," while right-brainers can improve the execution of their creative efforts.

Realizing your dominant half is the first step in becoming balance-brained.

Your percentage score for the right brain is 35%.
Your percentage score for the left brain is 25%.

You are more right-brained than left-brained. The right side of your brain controls the left side of your body. In addition to being known as right-brained, you are also known as a creative thinker who uses feeling and intuition to gather information. You retain this information through the use of images and patterns. You are able to visualize the "whole" picture first, and then work backwards to put the pieces together to create the "whole" picture. Your thought process can appear quite illogical and meandering. The problem-solving techniques that you use involve free association, which is often very innovative and creative. The routes taken to arrive at your conclusions are completely opposite to what a left-brained person would be accustomed. You probably find it easy to express yourself using art, dance, or music. Some occupations usually held by a right-brained person are forest ranger, athlete, beautician, actor/actress, craftsman, and artist.

So is this true or not?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Win anything?

As suggested by my Les Daddy, i should post this up...

I got this in an email.. Check your EZ Link card no against those in the pic... Pls give me a treat if you win anything, ok? Heehee...

Click for a clearer view...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Must Love Dogs

I went down to Takashimaya, Orchard after work to buy the presents for the three gals.. It was a very quick event as i buy without sincerity and bought them vouchers... Main reason is my taste is different from them anyway so best for them to choose their own gifts..

Took the bus 174 home from Orchrd.. I remembered that the last time i took the bus home, i overslept and ended up near JJC.. So this time round, i was very very focused on looking at where the bus was going.. There was, however, a brief moment where i was lost in my own thoughts and then i almost freaked out when i thought i had went pass my place again.. Luckily, my brain soon recognised the place and my heart returned to my body again..


Pic from offical website

Watched Must Love Dogs earlier in the morning (most of the times, i will wake up at 5am to watch the dvd cos i am usually very tired at nite) .. It was a okay movie.. sure of a V day entertainment for me anyway.. After the movie, i was once again convinced by the scriptwriter that all the good-looking guys in the world are either incorrigible, like Bob (starred by Dermot Mulroney) or gay, like Eric (Victor Webster).. A gal is not left with much choice nowadays...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day to ALL

Happy Valentine's Day to ALL!!

I was very sianz today until i saw this....

The p looked like my tongue hor?

My very own parking sign sia... made by my Jay Daddy... He is mad leh.. he suggested that i used it for every comments on his blog.. wau lao, I posted a lot of comments everyday one loh.. if I used it for all, very tiring one leh.. I think I will only use it if I manage to crop the first place.. haha.. smart hor? i am soooo happy.. thanks J Daddy :p

No valentine for me again this year.. Rejected a guy's invitation to eat today and pushed to thur instead.. Point is I have this concept that I will only spend v day with my bf or close gfs.. Since this guy is not boyfriend material for me, I dont want to lead him on and waste both of our time...

Anyway, he dropped by my place (Bad idea to let him know where I stay...what if he is psycho?) and passed me a fake rose....

The first thought in my mind is "Shit, Mom will nagged at me for bringing another useless thing back home liao.." It's true... I mean if i am like 16 plus or younger, i may like it but nowsaday, things that are of not much practical use do not attract me a lot (unless it is very pretty.. i'm a sucker for looks..) I will have prefer he gave me chocolates or something edible.. Never mind, cos this means i do not need to waste my money to buy something in return.. yes, moi is stingy ^_^

Now i am wondering whether i should take some of my stuff and sell in flea mkt.. first must do some research though... Ok, that's all for today.. i go watch dvd liao.... "Must Love Dogs".. No romance in real life so watch on tv loh... Hopefully, i wont be like the female lead in the future, need to go to perfectmatch.com or something.. Nitey~~

Monday, February 13, 2006


Sometimes i just feel like crying.. maybe i am too pampered.. i cannot work well in the real society.. Not that i cant do my work but more like i dont like my work.. I dont understand what i am doing, why i am doing this... "I am paid to do all this", that's the only feeling i have.. Maybe i should quit and go back to those music retail outlets to work.. Probably be happier or i will probably be complaining about the long hours and low pay then.. Why, why, why? Why cant i just be content? Why must i complain about everything? Maybe i need a wake-up call.. This world is not going to stop running because of one small little me... Okay, back to work...

Sunday, February 12, 2006


最近迷上了韩剧,“大长今”. 年初一和初三时都跑到朋友家去,窝在她的床上。我的朋友每次都说我又要看大神经了.. 哈哈..

我想大多数的男人都无法理解为什么我们女人这么爱追看连续剧. 不管是台湾偶像剧,港剧还是韩剧, 都狂追不舍... 其实追看连续剧只不过是一种让人有一个精神寄托的行为... 那种急着想知道结局, 而看到最后一集又舍不得的感觉不是理性的人能懂的.

就好像有些男生喜欢玩电玩一样,能够不吃不喝不睡,日玩夜玩... 总之就是一种冲动让我们这么好无目的做自己想做的事.. 浪费了宝贵的时间,但却得到一种满足...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Koco Cafe

I finally went to Koco Cafe on Thur with my friends... The main course is nothing fantastic.. I had baked pasta with beef.. Dont know why but the cheese tasted like vomit to me.. Just cheese that is baked.. Those square types or powder types or in cakes ones all no problem.. Haiz.. Anyway, the cheesecakes are not bad but i'm still waiting to go to Cheesecake cafe to taste the goodies there.. heehee :p

I was having some bad luck on thurs.. When i wanted to go home during lunch, it started raining.. Then i burned the porridge at home.. When i was rushing to eat some of the porridge that only had some burnt smell, i accidentally used a bowl that had some ants in it.. Only noticed when i was going to have second round... Yucks.. Hopefully i didnt eat any ants.. Then it started raining again when i left home.. Tamade... I was really thinking of not going to meet my friends but well, one of them persuade me :P Hopefully no more such bad luck...

Btw, did anyone i know won the toto? Want to share some with poor little me? :p

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha

Pic from official website

I rushed down to Cineleisure after work to watch the movie, Memoirs of a Geisha yesterday (Wed)... I had actually booked the tixs the nite before for fear that i wont have any more good seats, which was a very good move.. I arrived at the theatre way in time to collect the tixs and walked back to the Somerset station to guide my Ah Gal, Karen to the Cineleisure.. She is hopefully lost in Orchard area and i dont understand why...

I find the booking system for Cathay to be a bit weird.. The amount of the tickets was not credited online but when you picked up the tickets.. this is so different from the other cinemas.. But i guessed this helped to prevent fraud?

Since i had not read the novel, watching the movie became a more relaxing matter.. I would not be constantly comparing the movie scenes with the novel scenes.. Although there were comments that the actresses did not do a very impressive job but i still think the movie is nice ^_^

Ken Watanabe looked soooo charming, with eyes that just reached out to you.. This reminded me of actors like Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro.. Yes, i'm a sucker for such guys...

I love the last part where the two of them finally get together.. Although the Chairman could only be Suyuri's danna but at least Sayuri's wish is fulfilled.. I wonder how the Chairman knew where Sayuri stayed and then managed to ask Mameha to train her.. Dont know.. it's a mystery to me :p

Saw Shyan Jun when i was leaving.. hahaha.. he was with a female friend so i was teasing him of doing bad things behind his gf's back.. whahaha.. It's so fun to tease ppl :p Anyway, he was going to watch some other movie loh.. I think is Fearless, if i did not remember wrongly.. Seemed like a nice show, can consider watching too...

It was a mad rush down to Plaza Singapura after the movie.. Yes, we walked there, ok? We managed to get to Carrefeur before it closed as Karen wanted to buy CHOCOLATES!!! What a big temptation to me.. and then finally could sit down properly and have our dinner at around 10plus..

We ate Mos Burger and i tried ice milk tea for the first time.. I heard that Mos Burger is most famous for it's rice burgers and ice milk tea... Anyway, i dont have much liking or dislike for the drink but i think i will stick to ice peach tea in the future.. Maybe i can try the rice burger next time :)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Chingay Parade 2006


Backtracked this a little cos i was too lazy to blog last weekend..

I was so fed up with work last week that when my colleague gave me a pair of tickets for the Chingay Parade Preview on 3/2/06 (Fri), i took it without any hesitation... Me, a person who never watched Chingay all the years before, at the scene or live on tv, actually went to see the parade this year...

I asked Jane to watch with me.. My seats are in Area 3, right in front of Orchard Point, meaning i had to wait a while before i actually see anything... and when we got there, we realised we had very "good seats" indeed... I actually took a pic using my friend's camera but i think she deleted it already.. the pains of having no digital camera of your own.. I drew out the view from my seats...

See soooo "nice" hor, I actually got such a poley view... This means we cant take any pics from the front view.. We were lucky that there was no obstacles of any sort from the direction the parade floats were coming from, thus we had a clear view of all the items when they arrived..

Nerdy me

Chio Jane

The first hour was very boring, with all the cheerleading stuff and shouting of cheers.. I appreciated the entertainment but the people are really not trained to make me feel enthusiatic.. I must self-enthu myself loh..
The Cheers Rockers were wearing bright pink... so funny to watch many guys wearing the pink.. gayish... heehee.. And i want to comment that the female host, Joyce Tan's mandarin really sucks to the core.. she was reading the script which was probably full of han yu pin yin words to help her to pronouce... she is much much better off at speaking in English... I cant even understand what she was saying and sometimes, she would use english words in the middle of the Mandarin sentence cos she cant say the words.. Area 3 sucks, i want Area 1 seats..

Warm-up Cheerleading session

I saw a lot of ppl sitting at the sides of the pavement watching the parade.. They dont need any tixs? If that's the case, i want to sit there next year as there will be a better view... Anyway, i enjoyed the whole thing very much... Dont mind doing this again next year :p

Jane in the middle of the road

I hated taking pics at nite as my hands tended to shake a lot.. Sighz.. Trying to upload the very very short video Jane took...


I forgot to mention about the goodie bag..

absolutely nothing of value inside except for the water and this...


Too bad, i only have one.. will look nicer to dance to the music (u know the music in the movie madagascar?) with two shakers.. :p

And once again, you can see the kiasuism in Singaporeans as they rushed to get the free goodie bags.. They sure would be disappointed when they saw which's inside... But i sure the aunties will like the bags, that's the reason i bought mine house.... No, i'm not an auntie yet, i'm giving it to my mom.. :p

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Eat and eat and eat...

25/01/2006 (Wed)

I went out for dinner with some friends last Wednesday.. Meeting them around Bugis and since it was still early, i went to Bugis Village to find the bag i saw last time.. But the colour i want was out.. sighz.. Was walking to meet my friends when i saw this two performers..

Nope, i didnt donate.. i is stringy.. but both of them are really great.. can stand there and dont move for a long time.. if i do it, i confirmed fall on my butt.. heehee

We was supposed to go someplace to eat but the place was closed early for Chinese New Year.. Pity.. One friend suggested that we go to My Secret Garden, which is nearby... When he said Secret Garden, i can only think of the Norwegian group, Secret Garden (whi sing excellent songs btw..)

Anyway, the restaurant is really hidden in a nice corner... the atmosphere is great with nice jazzy music in the background and candlelights that made all things seemed romantic (the lights are really not great for phototaking though :p)

Do you think the painting looked gay? Hmm..

We can added the amt of honey we like into our drinks cos we ordered ice lemon tea with honey.. Heehee...

We ordered some delicious appetizers:

Prawn fritters with mayo and

escargots (or snails in layman's terms... ) with some creamy mushroom sauce...

Then it was the main course..

I ordered Cilantro Chicken... Another friend order the same dish as me, but his was chicken thigh while mine is chicken breast.. Mine tasted harder but not so fatty.. heehee.. gals like to be slim mah..

Can you see the difference? heehee.. the one on the right is mine :p

Chicken ham and mushroom spaghetti ordered by my friend, Vanna...

Grilled chicken sandwich ordered by the last friend.. This looked very filling hor.. Yum yum..

Last but not least: Desserts!!!

New York Cheesecake and

Marshmallow Fudge (this is nice.. obviously was ordered by mine.. see my nick will know liao..)

We chatted all the way till ten plus.. Then Vanna and i went to meet Jay Daddy at Bala Clava.. It was very very crowded.. Unexpected was playing that nite but it was hard to go inside to listen.. I never realised i was surrounded by so many evil ppl loh.. All want to make me drunk.. Especially Vanna, Jay Daddy and Uncle Deek.. VERY BAD!!! Lucky i smart, i held on to my bottle of heineken beer like it was a treasure.. held the bottle from cold turn to warm... Ppl drank 3 bottles, i drank only one and a half.. wahaha..


26/1/2006 (Thur)

Met my sec school friends for dinner at Clarke Quay.. we wanted to go to this Mongolian restaurant but couldnt find it.. In the end, we ate at the Lotus Grill Restaurant, the one with the big boat one.. Wau lao, i tell u ah, it is really a tourist trap so dont go there to eat next time hor.. we super not happy.. i think i rather go eat at Hooters.. at least it is western..

Then we went to Chinatown to walk.. It was really crowded, with people everywhere.. really 人山人海。。。 I went off early to meet Jay Daddy (again!) and Sheena.. Sheena sounded much sweeter than i imagined, must get her to do a voice blog or something.. Anyway, the three of us went to Bukit Gombak to eat prata, which according to Jay Daddy, is very very good.. To think i never even eat it before when i just lived in the same area.. Alamak.. Btw, only Sheena ate the prata cos Jay Daddy and i were already very full.. I think one day, i must strolled over there to buy some to eat :p


28/1/2006 - 29/1/2006 (Sat - Sun)

Had to work on Chinese New Year eve.. I was sooo not in the mood to work that i surf blogs instead... Every year, my family will usually have 2 reunion dinners, one with just the 4 of us on the eve, the other dinner at my grandma's place on the 1st day.. But this year as grandma was no longer around, my family (we 4) decided not to attend the dinner on the 1st cos mom is still sick anyway.. So only went to uncle's place (grandma not around liao so must called it uncle's place) in the morning on the 1st to visit for a while...

Here's the pics for my home reunion dinner:

Steamboat.. like very veggie hor...

Actually is because all the meat is over here for grilling..

Grilled prawns.. mmmm..

My very healthy bowl of vermicelli with a lot of doufu, mushroom and xiao bai cai...

p.S. I realised that i really loved to eat Subway cookies.. 3 for $2.50.. Yummy...