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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I am so stupid

I did something implusive on monday night. I went to Marie France Bodyline and signed for a package. It was too expensive for me.. and i told the consultant that i will only be able to pay for half of it, $1800.. So i will be eating grass for the next month liao since i will be using almost all of my next month's salary to pay off this..

Let me tell u how the consultation session goes.. First, i was taken to a room, where i had to strip to my bra and underwear to take measurements.. Embarassing sia.. then is the "psycho" session, where i ended up paying $900 willingly.. Anyway, i found out the CPT is worth $350 and the APE (I think, cannot remember) is worth $200.. The treatments are damn exp.. i think i will probably be there like just one month before i vomit blood and die..

Then i was introduced to the nutritionist, who told me what types of food to avoid and eat.. I also discovered i had 33% of fat in my body, which is tooooooooooooo much since the maximum fat i should have is 24%. Will be going there tonight to pay the other 1000.. Somebody killed me..

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Anyone know where to get those nice nice Mandarin smses.. Mom asking me about it.. How will i know where ppl get their msgs from?

Anyway, if u know any websites, let me know. OR if you have my no, you can always send me nice Mandarin sms, so that i can forward it to my mom.. errr.. 端午节 is coming mah.. Thanks ah..

Grand Hyatt and Settlers Cafe

I went out with my secondary school friends yesterday.. We went to Scotts Lounge at Grand Hyatt Singapore for high tea..

High tea = sandwiches.. I ate everything in the plate cos i was hungry...

High tea = cakes.. From L - R: my favourite chocolate cake, dont know called what but is cream with orange slices, strawberry cheesecake..

Berry tea.. very nice..

Banana and chocolate crepe, covered with chocolate sauce.. i am so lousy in making things look nice..

There is actually a small chocolate fondue...

Strawberries in chocolate.. sinfully delicious..

Fruits in chocolate..

The high tea cost S$33 per person but i feel that the variety is not really a lot.. And i am pissed with the service as the people kept coming to clear our plates... So ended up, we had to keep taking new ones.. Damn irritated.. Perhaps this is the "service" they are promoting but it is damn frustating when you are just chatting and they kept coming to disturb you.. I mentioned "they" cos there are two of them who manning that area.. They gave me the feeling that they want us to leave faster...

We walked around to shop awhile before taking a cab to Settlers Cafe. We went to the one situated in HDB Blk 15, Holland Drive..

There were a lot of people, thus we had to sit at those sofa and mini chairs table.. Damn painful for my back and legs..

Chicken cutlet set...

Came with soup, drink and ice cream..

We stayed till 10pm and played a lot of games (cos we never played a game for long.. haha). Let me intro the games we played..

Jungle Speed

I was the loser in the first round and the winner in the second.. hahaha.. My friends snatched very violently in the second round, resulting in marks on their hands.. Luckily i dont need to snatch...

I won in this round so can happily take pic

Objective: To get rid of the cards

How it is played
The cards are divided evenly between the players and no one can see what cards they had. Each player take turns to turn over the card (card must be turned outwards, towards the opponents and not inwards).

Once two players had the card with the same designs, they must snatch for the wooden tower (dont know what it is called :p). The loser will have to keep the winner's exposed cards. If anyone snatched by mistake, the person had to keep ALL exposed cards on the table.

Special cards
There are also three special cards. One of them is the coloured card, where the people with the same colour (regardless of designs) will snatch for the tower. Loser keep the winner's exposed cards. The second one is the card with arrows pointing inwards. Everyone had to snatch for the tower. Winner placed his exposed cards in the center. Anyone who snatched by mistake later will have to take those cards in the center as well.. The last card is the card with arrows pointing outwards. All players had to turn over a card at the same time. If there is any cards with the same designs, the players with the cards had to snatch..

The designs are quite similar to each other thus every player had to look carefully.

Trans America

Objective: To link up the stations you have

How it is played
Each player take five cards of different colours (red, blue, yellow,orange, green). The cards will determine the train stations they had to link up. The players had to take turns and use the tracks given (black blocks in pic) to link. Each move is allowed to place two tracks if it is a single line. Only one track can be placed if there are double lines.

Players can made use of the opponents' tracks to link to their other stations.

Quite easy to play, but more suitable for younger children.


This game is quite similar to jungle speed..

Objective: To get rid of the cards

How it is played
Each player chooses an animal randomly and made the sound of the animals to the other players. Every players had to memorise what is the sound of each player. Then the animal is placed inside the house. The cards are divided evenly between the players and no one can see what cards they had. Each player take turns to turn over the card (card must be turned outwards, towards the opponents and not inwards).

Once two players had the card with the same designs, they must imitate the sound of each other's animals. The one who is slower is the loser. The loser will have to keep the winner's exposed cards.

Special card
There is a card which allow you to switch the animal you have. Very beneficial if you have a very easy to remember animal.

Memorising which players had which animals.. i lose cos i got a very bad memory..

Marriage material

All four of us got married by the end of this game..

Objective: Not to get married (30 points of commitments)

How it is played
There are two stacks of cards, excuse and commitment. At the start, each player take four cards from the excuse stack.

The first player, A (the one with the starter card) take another two cards from the excuse stack and pick a commitment card (3 points) for the next player, B. B needed to use the excuse cards she had to write off the commitment points. She needed to use 3 points or more by using one or combining excuse cards. After B has written off the commitment, the commitment card is passed to the next player, C, to write off. The excuse cards B used are discarded at one side.

If C decided to take the commitment points instead of writing it off, the starter card is given to B. B will then take two cards from the excuse stack and pick a commitment card for the C. The round ended once a player hit 30 commitment points.

Special cards
Influence cards are placed in the excuses stack. You can use it at anytime to increase the commitments points the player is facing. For example, when player A got a commitment card of 11 points, B added the influence card of 3 points. This means A needed to use excuses points of 14 to write off the commitment. Otherwise, A need to take the commitment points of 11 if she dont have enough excuses points.. Each influence card only works on one player before it is discarded. Player can combine the influence cards they had. Different players can give the cards to the same player at the same time.

Event cards are placed in the commitment stack. Event cards can requested for players to switch the cards they had on their hands with each other. Once event card had been used, it is discarded and another card is taken from commitment stack for the same player. Eg, B choose a card for C. It is an event card. After the event card is used, B choose another card (commitment) for C.

Must be careful of the points you have. Also, have to take note of the possibilities of event cards, which may changed your opponents' cards to yours. I lost in the last round because i got a lot of influence cards and very little excuse cards..

We also played another game, Blokus.. Too tired to explain how it is played.. hahaha..


Frightening tall...

We played Jenga in the last 30 mins.. I almost have a heart attack.. Managed to achieve 30 levels.. How high can you all do?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I am fine...

Thanks for all of your concern. I am fine. Sorry if I had made all of you gan cheong but it was never my intention. I am not laughing with glee that so many have left comments (as mentioned by someone). I am just numb... numb in the heart where it matters the most.

Anyway, I used my MC today well by relaxing myself as suggested by the doctor. I went to see a Chinese physician with my mom in hope that my body can be cured, if not my heart. He gave some powder, which i think will be damn hard to swallow, for my stomach. Weird that he knew that i had aching neck and shoulder.. Guess i need a softer pillow...

After that, i went to Orchard Road where i had some high tea at Din Tai Fung..

The famous xiao long baos (uncle vandice, dont drool ah!!)

Prawn dumplings which is overpriced and not so nice..

My red dates and longan drink.. Nice nice..


I spent $20 on this meal and i feel it is not so worthwhile. The service is passable, just that the taste of the food cant tempt me much... I guess, being someone who worked for a HK restaurant before, i had became addicted to the HK dim sum.. I missed my ha gou, siew mai and chai siew bao.. I really want to eat them now..

Then I went to Cineleisure for "X-men 3: The Last Stand" movie. I ate crispy chicken, which u can really taste the fat when u ate it in the dark.. hahaha.. For those who had yet to watch "X-men 3", i advised you to stay till the credits are over.. else you will miss something loh..

Bought a cd at Sembawang Music, Shanghai Jazz.. I was listening to the tester by the window, and the music and scenery made everything seemed so perfect.. I watched the cars go by on the roads below and the skies were turning from blue to pitch black.. while songs like "夜上海,夜上海,你是个不夜城.." rang in my ears.. That's why i bought it..

After that, i met Ollie for dinner at Burger King, but i was too full to eat anything but some fries.. I went to Esprit to buy some clothes.. Spent $200 on a white blazer, a white skirt, a black top and underwear. Here's a pic to show how it look from the top.. Pardon the messy hair..

Branded teh kor.. bought to top up total amt..

Bought this in Heeren :p

Retail therapy really helps.. I spent a total of $255 today loh... Tell u all one funny thing...After trying on the clothes, i came out and talked to someone, thinking she is Ollie... In actual fact, she is a total stranger.. Sibeh paiseh.. i was blushing and apolognising.. hahaha.. i am damn blur!!! Dont know why i kept thinking Ollie was wearing green today when she is actually in pinkish red.. Btw, i dropped by taka B2 to peek at the cute guy Ollie mentioned before... the one working in F guys, wearing green (maybe i thought Ollie is wearing couple's outfit with him?).. Quite good-looking, very suitable for Ollie.. Ollie, go for it.. Use your kim chi's spirit, okie?

Recently, i am thinking of buying Victoria's Secret items.. Saw this few which i can still afford (meaning less than US$70 each)..

Wonder i buy liao will wear or not.. i so shy...

The sweater with the booch looked nice...

I loved this sweater..

Of cos, i also saw some beautiful but DAMN EXP stuff, that i cannot force myself to buy...

Kimono top (US$99.99)

Lace and Crochet Tunic (np - US$128 , sp - US$99)

OMG, can someone buy them for me???

Will be posting the rest of the series next week cos i dont have the mood to blog this week :p

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I broke down today...

infront of my manager, my supervisor, my colleagues..

I took time off to see a doctor, my family doctor who i had not seen for a year.. I broke down again in front of the doctor.

Do you sleep well at night? Yes.

Do you have depression before? No.

Do you have suicide thoughts before? Sometimes.

If you find it becoming more serious, you may need to be warded. I know.

Life is more than just work. You can read books on stress management. Explore life outside of work. Join some exercise programs.

I broke down again at home.. I need some rest.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Harassment Hell #1: My first kiss

I was chatting with Uncle Vandice on last sat via Google chat and he was surprised/shocked/appalled/astonished/astounded/taken aback that i never dated before.. He was very happy to discovered a Never Been Kissed (NBK) 2.. I will like to defend myself as I had been kissed before. Thus, i am very impelled to tell you all how my first kiss happened.

Everyone will thought that the first kiss should be a romantic one, where one girl and a boy, will give each other after they discovered their feeling for each other. At least, that was how i imagine it was going to be. It will be romantic, it will be perfect.. But reality proves to be different all the time.

My first kiss was literally stolen from me by my Indian neighbours' nephew when i was in primary 3 or 4. What happened was he, my neighbour's son and i was playing skipping at the corridor. After a while, we decided to rest and sat at the staircase. Then he grabbed and kiss me.. I was stunned, holding onto my skipping rope and staring at him. His cousin, my neighbour's son thought we were playing and also want to kiss me, except it was more of a bite on my lips. Shocked and appalled by the whole event, i ran back home. I avoided my neighbours and their nephew from then on, and things were only better when he stopped coming to visit them and when they also moved away.

I didnt tell my family what had happened but it really left a bad taste on me. I feel that he was using me as a testing ground as he had a girlfriend soon after (Mom told me one leh.. think my mom quite kaypo, always know a lot of gossips). I feel dirty even though it is just a small peck on the lips.. All the psychological feeling of someone who had been raped.. Since then, i am very cynical about the male species and had racial discrimination against Indian guys.. Well, what to do.. -__-

Monday, May 22, 2006

My first series

Trying to copy J dad and started a series for the first time. This series will be the painful moments in my life, times when i was "targeted" by perverts. Seriously, i really think they had no taste.. Why they even choose me in the first place bewildered me..

Hopefully i can finish this series this week but so far, i had only written one.. :p Anyway, the first post will be up tomorrow.. hope it is not too jialat... Lalalalalala..

My Hair

Went and cut my hair yesterday.. Feel so light in the head now.. My hairdresser said my hair is very dry and brittle now.. Haiz.. really regretted highlighting it and all.. : (

Do i look cool? More like ah lian..

Smile and smile..

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ike See

I was browsing through Tomorrow and came across a post by Mr Wang, which was about how our local talent, Ike See may have to give up a music scholarship due to NS (Yeah, auntie me dont read newspapers mah so only know now..)

When i understand what was going on, i know more and more why i dont want to stay in Singapore (but no choice cos i am not talented). The thinking of the government in Singapore is too rigid, regardless of which political party. All they can see is the big picture, the main section of the people.. because that guarantee the support. Who cares about the Arts.. everyone is busy with making money and more money..

Then why bother wasting our money on building the Esplanade? Now, we may have a talent who can perform in the Esplanade but was denied. The government do not seem to understand how important a scholarship is to the poor, who wanted just a chance to pursue their dreams. Is that so hard for one to hope?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

All that shit...

I had never been someone who can say, "I'm going to the toilet to shit now" to anyone.. Due to the need to act demure in front of everyone. The only people i can said to are my family cos all four of us are damn crude.. But i feel that i must be more open now so next time i'm going to the toilet, i will try to say "I am going to go and shit" even though i may not be actually doing it :p

I am actually quite anal about where i am shitting.. Most of the times, i can only do it at home.. When travelling, it will be at the hotel room where i am staying.. I realised that some stars are also like this, eg. Andy Lau loh.. Dont know why but maybe i feel that the place must be a clean place and you can never know how clean the public toilet bowl is.. That's why i am a little reluctant to travel to ulu places, like that rural places in China (No money anyway..)

Speaking of shit, i emptied my bowels 3 times today.. The hole was so dry and painful that i feel like someone had fucked me from the back... Disgusting..

p.S. Have i completely destroyed the demure image i had in your brain? :)

What kind of sexy are you?

You Are Boyish Sexy

You're the kind of girl who gets along with all the boys
Whether it's holding your own in a game of touch football...
Or kicking some major butt while playing Xbox.
You hang with the guys easily, while still keeping your girly sexiness.

Friday, May 19, 2006

933 Golden Pillow

My colleagues and i had been ordering food in everyday as we were too lazy to go outside to buy.. Had KFC yesterday and then 933 Golden Pillow curry chicken today...

Golden Pillow Bun

Curry chicken..

We ordered quite a lot.. 8 rice, 1 vegetable, 1 curry chicken, 1 curry fish, some fried rolls, just for the 7 of us... Ended up with leftover rice.. Haiz..It was the first time i ate it.. Not bad.. I LOVE THE BREAD!!! so nice.. when it is hot.. :p

Was supposed to have dinner with a friend at JP but his car broke down.. Too bad.. Luckily my colleagues were free to join me for dinner and chat.. The four of us decided to go to Mac to have our meals and then we sat there from 7 - 10pm.. just chatting and chatting about funny and sianz things in our work.. heehee..

Thursday, May 18, 2006

12 Blogs Meme

Just discovered i got tagged by Kim Chi AND Uncle PMG. Decided to do now before i forget... dont really blog-surf recently as i wanted to do more of my own stuff, like sleeping.. hehehehe...

List down 12 blogs that you visit regularly

3 blogs because of their pictures

The Baker who Cooks (Damn hungry after seeing all the food pics)
Slurp! (Wonderful pics by a talented guy)
Terz (pics by a photographer leh!!)

3 blogs ’cause they make you think/seek information

Uncle Vandice (uncle got lots of thought, you know?)
Jay-Walk (Comments page damn entertaining)
Jettykey (Lady of intelligence hor)

3 blogs ’cause they make you laugh

Kim Chi (Scandal with 4 guys make all things interesting)
Zhebin (Ah boy is damn funny..)
Sibei Sian (Funny till sianz..)

3 blogs that you don’t know why you stalk but you keep going back for more

Sassyjan (For the sexiness?)
Xiaxue (for the brand?)
La Mason (For the hunk?)

And tag 3 blogs

Jay-Walk (Cos u sibeh free!!)
Ang Ku Kueh (Cos i want you to blog.)
Absolutjoiz (Something for you to look forward to after your trip.)

Okie, that's all.. Of cos, i do surf other blogs whenever i got the time but they are just too many to list.. Most of the times, i loved to just go to Jay Daddy's or my links and anyhow click click.. :p

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Very Own Esprit Card

I got my own Esprit card last week by buying three items that added up to more than $150. It seemed like a walk down to my past, when i was unable to buy such expensive items since i am just a poor student (or more like i am not willing to spend the money on mere clothes). Still remember that i was so happy when i bought my first and only top at Esprit during sec school, which made me $50 poorer. Haiz.. So now that i had the ability to buy these items, i became a bit siaoz.. Cos the clothes i bought probably can be bought in local stores at half the price if they do not come with the brand name. heehee..

Anyway, I realised that the card is valid for only one year, and I need to spend $600 within this 12nths to renew the card automatically. I dont know whether the marketing person is smart or just plain damn. Instead of spending $600, i can just spend $150 to get a new card, right? Or is that one of the scheme to ensure we at least buy something in the coming months? I predict that by requiring me to keep doing this, it will only results in a loss of interest in this brand for me. Well, let's see what will happen in the next 12 mths. I do know one good thing is that i will enjoy 20% on my birthday month, November.. Want to borrow my card, just let me know :p

Monday, May 15, 2006

I am such a devil...

Today, i saw 3 of my colleagues missed the company bus. They did what i did last week, waiting at the bus-stop. I was expecting them to call the driver like what i did, but apparently they didnt note down the driver's mobile number. So they shared a cab down to the company, arriving before all of us. Served them right since they can be quite demanding at work and didnt help my dept sometimes.

Up till now, the stunned look on their faces when the bus drove by still remained on my mind. I actually enjoyed the "entertainment". Yes, i am such a devil for not helping them, but what can i do since i dont have their numbers as well. How do i inform them if i stopped the bus for them. I guess it will help them to learn a lesson well, like what I did. No excuses for my behavior, for laughing at others but then life is just that, right? Make a mistake, laugh and get over it. No point dwelling over unwanted stuff. But till now, i cant seem to kick this habit. :p

Sunday, May 14, 2006


See more detailed reviews here and here.

这个礼拜刚看完港片,“女人购物逛, 由张柏芝,刘青云和陈小春领衔主演。故事大纲是讲述张柏芝所饰演的方芳芳患有严重的购买欲望,因此找上了由刘青云饰演的心理医生来帮忙治疗. 没想到心理医生自己也有心理病, 需要芳芳的帮助. 他们俩在过程中找到爱情.

此片跟以往的贺岁片一样,用无喱头的幽默来让大家放松心情. 虽然剧情不怎么样, 但却让我笑到掉泪,所以在此大力推荐给需要大笑的女性. 男性也许不能接受这么无聊的电影剧情.

推荐字数: 3/5

Saturday, May 13, 2006

King Kong the movie

I didnt watch "King Kong" in the theatre because i was reluctant to part with my money for a movie where the main star is an animal. However, after hearing how good the movie was, i decided i will rent the dvd once it was out, which i just did. 3 hours worth of movie and i must say that the whole production crew must have put in a lot of effort for it. The clothes, the setting, the music, all contributed to this work of art.

The main highlight was of cos the appearance of King Kong and what he did for his love, Ann. He reminded me of a boy who finally got his favourite toy and will do anything to get it back when it was stolen from him. There were two scenes i liked the most. One where Ann and him was watching the sunset on Skull Island.. the view was really marvellous... Another was where both of them were playing on the ice, where combined with the soothing background music, made the whole thing looked so touching... “温馨” will be the words to better described how i felt.

I hated the part when the airplanes were shooting King Kong.. Do you know i was silently wishing that all the pilots will die at that time.. I guess the plot really get to me..

But sometimes, i think humans are the pathetic lot. We are the worst of all the animals, simply because we actually have a mind of our own. When we see something huge and unknown, we think of it to be terrifying, even though it has not harm us by one bit. We use our limited knowledge to judge, to do what we think is right, all this without even considering the feeling of the "animals". Why? Because they are animals, they cant think while we can.. But we forget we are also one of them, part of the life cycle.. Just that we evolve faster, that's all.. The irony of things..

We are worse off because we can harmed each other just for the sake of conquering, killing for the sake of.. pure killing. Where is the logic of how we do things? Instead of helping and loving each other, all we are concerned are power.. power.. and more goddamned power.. And why? Where does all this lead us to? A better world? This is not 200 B.C., not 2106 A.D., this is just the simple 2006. No past, no future, only the present. Why think of the past when it is way over? Why think of the future when we cant even fend for the present? All that lies ahead is just death to me...

Phew.. all that from a movie.. Any comedy to recommend.. i need a good laugh, though i did saw a funny movie already this week.. Let me blogged about it tomorrow then :p

Friday, May 12, 2006

My Toothbrush

Where do you all usually store your toothbrush?

I read/heard from somewhere that it is not advisable to keep it near the toilet bowl due to the germs and bacteria. I placed mine on the sink... But unfortunately, that sink is in the toilet and just next to the toilet bowl.. Is that why my toothbrush always have so many dust (i prayed it is dust) at the base.. I always have to change a new one every 2 months because of this..

I told my mom about this and she gave me a toothbrush cover, u know the type that you will usually bring with you during holiday trips... So far so good.. and i placed the toothbrush with its cover inside the cabinet with all my facial cleanser and facial cotton, etc.. hopes it helps..

I noticed my teeth are rotting.. Sometimes, i brush till got blood..I see some brown/red at the base of my front teeth.. Maybe it just means i need to start flossing.. Or see a dentist since i havent seen one since 1999.. Well, i guess it is my primary school dentist's fault for instilling this fault in me since i was young.. I still remembered the time when i had to repair 3 of my tooths in the same session (or was it two sessions..) The pain still remained in my brain..

I can hardly bite the 肉干 just now.. It was too hard.. or were my teeth too soft? i chewed until my mouth ached.. :p

Xiao Long Bao, here i come......

Met Winter and Kim Chi for dinner yesterday... Why i called Kim Chi "kim chi" leh? Cos she looked so adorable that you want to eat her up, yet she still retained some spiciness that is her unique flavour... Of cos, her new nick expanded further to "kim kim chi", "kim hee chi" and "kim min chi" for the all time Korean way of names, courtesy of Winter dear...

We went to the Crystal jade xiao long bao restaurant at Scotts.. Here some pics..


My ice lemon tea

I forget the name of the dish, only know if something something with tofu skin.. if u want to know, ask winter, okie?

This is self service one so must put the meat yourself onto the tofu skin..

My favourite xiao long baos.. only ate 2.. not shiok.. i must go one day to eat only xiao long baos.. Muahahha...

Spicy beef noodles - winter

Beef noodles - Kim chi

Za Jiang Mian - Me (i was trying to see why Koreans like to eat this in the drama.. but ended up a little spicy for me leh.. )


My cute dear winter..

Kim chi..


"Acting cute" time

Me too...

We stayed there for around 2 hours, chatting after finishing all our food.. I saw my poly classmate, Matt when i was leaving.. what a coincidence.. Btw, i like the lamp there..

The lamp...

After food, we went to do something women all love to do... Shopping.. We went to CK Tangs cos it is the nearest.. Winter and Kim chi forced me to try on clothes.. i feel so fat... : ( Btw, i saw a really beautiful dress that costed $189.. $189 for a flimsy piece of cloth!!! But the colours of the dress are damn nice.. I saw the same cloth in another dress on a mannequin and that design looked much much better.. My dear bought a bag.. very nice.. see she will show you all or not.. :p

Okie, that's all.. Happy Vesak Day to everyone..