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Friday, July 03, 2009

1st Month Baby Celebration Cupcakes 庆祝满月的杯形蛋糕


他是上网购买的,网址是http://www.cupcake-momma.net/. 你也可以去它的Flickr 册页 观看更多它所售卖的杯形蛋糕的设计。^_^


My colleague's baby turns one month ago this week. As such, he gave us all in the department some cupcakes as a celebration. They looked really cute and are delicious as well. I finished three of them alone.. Opps, I think I may need to go on a diet soon.

He ordered them online at CupcakeMomma. You can also go to their Flickr album to view all the cupcake designs they are selling. :)

Pink ribbons~~ how nice

The treasures inside the box