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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stress is taking its toll on me...

Sorry for not blogging recently.. really busy with work and studies.. And I'm so happy i got a good grade for my International HRM module. Seemed like the first time my HR module got B as I only got C for HR modules in poly even though I majored in it.. :P

But I'm still worried about my grade for International Marketing as I am not really prepared for the exam. Plus, my current module was delayed due to the volcanic ash cloud.. Now we are cramping a 6-wks module into 3 weeks. Lucky the exam will be after the next module so I will still have 2 weeks to study. So stressed up that my face and body have pimples!!!

Anyway, My brother said my two pimples below my mouth looked like the vampire's fangs.. LOL.. Maybe i should go suck his blood loh... hehehehe