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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mayday D.N.A Singapore Concert 2009 五月天新加坡创造演唱会2009

Last month, I went for Mayday D.N.A concert held in Singapore on 28 & 29 August. Actually my initial plan was just to go for the Friday session as I didn't want to spend too much cash. But I was too touched by Mayday on Friday that I decided to go for the Saturday session. Another reason was also because I felt that the audience for Friday was not responsive enough, thus it just didn't feel so right.

However, I was still pulled back by the money factor. Another hundred dollar plus was not easy for me as I am financially strapped for the moment. In fact, I was still debating whether to go or not at that very afternoon. In the end, I thought "What the heck! Just go lah. I may have to wait for a long while for the next one." So I went down to Lot 1 Sistic counter at 5pm, got the most expensive ticket at $178 (Friday one is $148) and went straight down to the Indoor Stadium alone.

Madness you will say. Why will one see the same concert for twice in a row and alone on the second night somemore? If you have thought that, you most probably have not seen Mayday concert before. I definitely did not regret my decision to watch the concert again.

If Friday was good for me, I will say that the Saturday was a terrific and wondrous experience. The audience was so enthusiastic and at least 90% of them were standing throughout (except for the times when the videos were being played). I didn't touch my seat at all till the last 15mins (only because Ashin asked us to, ok).

I did make a blunder when I swung my newly bought blue light stick and the top just flew out onto the extended stage.. Whoops... I was so embarassed that I really wanted to find a hole to hide at that time.. Hahaha.. Luckily I managed to ask one of the security guards (a handsome one somemore) to take it away from the stage as I remember Ashin would use the extended stage one more time and I didn't want him to slip on it.

I was truly sad when the concert ended. I wished it would have continue forever. In fact, I even did a fan-like thing at that end - waiting for Mayday to leave the stadium. I noticed that Mayday were quite tired when they left in the bus. I also saw Little Stone being carried to the bus by Stone.

Anyway, even after one month, I am still affected. Especially after knowing how wonderful they have performed in the four concerts last week in Taiwan, I really wished I could have been there to enjoy their performances. Oh well, I guess that will be one of my dreams in the future - to watch their concert in Taiwan at least once in my life. I hope it will happens very soon.

Below are some photos from the concerts, didn't take much though. :)


上个月底, 我去看了五月天在新加坡举行的<<创造演唱会>>。原本, 我只打算看礼拜五的那场。可是, 我被五月天感动了, 所以决定连礼拜六的也去。 有部分原因也是因为我觉得礼拜五的观众不够热情, 使得五月天没法全情投入地表演。

虽然很想看, 我还是有一点点的犹豫。这是因为我手头有点紧, 格外的一百多块的花费并不是一件容易决定的事。 不过结果我还是决定去了。因为我心里有一把声音告诉了我: "想这么多干什么?像去就去啊! 下一次不知道要等多久呢!" 于是, 我五点时去了蔡厝港的第一乐广场的 Sistic 柜台, 买了一张 $178 的门票 (礼拜五的门票是$148 的), 就一个人冲去室内体育馆了。

也许你会觉得很疯狂吧。 有谁会连续两晚观看同一个演出, 而第二晚还是一个人看? 如果你有这样的想法, 你应该是还没真正看过五月天的演唱会吧。总之, 我完全不后悔我去了礼拜六的演唱会。

如果礼拜五的那场感动了我, 那么礼拜六的是完完全全把我的灵魂给燃烧了。我又找回对音乐的热情了。 全场的观众都很投入, 而九十八仙都是站着看演唱会 (除了看录影带时)。 我也是在演唱会最后十五分钟才动过我的位子 (因为是阿信叫我们坐的)。

我在演唱会发生了一件丢脸的事。 我把刚买的蓝色荧光电棒摇的太大力, 结果一分为二, 而上面的部分还飞到伸展台上。 还好有一位帅的保全人员帮我把它给丢了。 因为我记得阿信会再走一次伸展台, 所以我可不想他跌倒了。
当演唱会结束时,我真的很舍不得。真希望五月天能就这样永远的唱下去。我还做了一件像歌迷的事, 就是等他们离开会场。我发现他们看起来很累喔。我还看到石头抱着小石头上巴士。

虽然已经一个月了,我还是难以忘怀。尤其是知道他们在台湾的演唱会有多成功,我好希望自己能飞过去观看。咳,没关系,那将会是我未来的梦想 — 在我有生之年到台湾看五月天的演唱会。真希望那一天很快就会来。

上载了一些我在演唱会拍的照片,请慢慢看。 ^_^

Day 1

Start of Concert

Me and Karen

Me and Karen again

Love this lighting effect

Ah Shin singing so emotionally

Ah Shin

Me at end of Concert

Day 2

Me at start of Concert

Massa singing solo

Audience getting high

Waving the blue lightsticks

This was taken accidentally by my friend who was in the premier seats. I love my position as I am only 10cm away from Mayday when they walked to the end of the extended stage on my side. :)

End of Concert

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

AFFF updates: Entries closed for 2009

Well, entries are closed for 2009. If you have submit your works, be sure to look out for the nomination list in November and good luck to you. If you didnt send in any yet, oh well, there is always next year. You can check out the works in this year and get a taste of how competition is like. :)

For your information, here's the Festival Process:

1. Selection will take place worldwide as determined by the Festival Directorate.

2. After the selection process the directorate will shortlist films in each of the following categories:

a.Best Film (Producer or Director)
b.Best Director
c.Best Producer
d.Best Cinematographer or Editor
e.Best Female Actor
f.Best Male Actor
g.Best Script/Screenplay
h.Best Documentary
i.Best Director of Documentary
j.Foreign Correspondents Association Choice Award
k.Best Short Film Award

4.The films will be screened at the Asian Festival of 1st Films to be held from 28th Nov to 4th Dec 2009.

5.Nominations will be announced in Singapore and posted on the AFFF website in November 2009. Subsequent contact will be made with the nominees.

6.An international jury composed of eminent film personalities, appointed by the Festival Directorate, will determine the winners in each of the defined categories.

7.The decisions of the jury will be full and final.

8.Awards will be announced at a ceremony to be held on 4th December 2009 in Singapore to be telecast across the region.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

无能为力 - 石欣卉

I always think she should have been the Superstar Female winner... Enjoy :)

无能为力 - 石欣卉

风空洞吹过 一年又这么过
雪失魂飘落 明年该怎么过

承诺太沉重 你背不到最后
是我太执着 就像那残留的灼火

用所有爱过的回忆 原谅 着你
恨自己不能把过去 放弃

干枯的眼眸 留下一道裂缝
荒凉的北风 一阵阵刺进我胸口

怪我太任性 只盼时间将伤痕抹去
恨你 我无能为力

用所有爱过的回忆 原谅你
恨自己不能把过去 放弃
我一个人的悲剧 不奢求你感激

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reckless drivers shouldn't drive

I was reading The New Paper on Wednesday morning about the little schoolgirl who was knocked down by a reckless driver and died on Monday. On that same Wednesday afternoon, I experienced the same reckless behaviour from a driver

I was on my way back to office after lunch with my colleague. The pedestrian light had turned green and we were walking halfway across the road when a light-coloured van zoomed past us. Although it is not going at a fast speed, it was breaking the law by running a red light and there are people crossing the road in danger. I was too shocked to note down the car plate number at that time.

Or the case when i was crossing a zebra crossing on Thursday morning when the car can't wait for me or the ladies crossing the opposite direction to finish walking the short distance and just drove past us. I can feel the car going by from my back. He will probably just need to wait for just 15 seconds but that probably seemed pretty pointless to him.

Or when I also caught one police car accelerating when the light turned yellow so that the car can turned into the expressway instead of waiting patiently for 5 minutes for the next green light. I know that this is a busy road due to many cars going by to go to the CTE and the traffic lights can be slow since there are 3-ways traffic. However, what has happened to our patience such that we cant even wait for just 5 minutes?

I seriously can't answer that. Is it our hectic lifestyles? The way that we are trained to work faster and faster such that we are unable to stop and smell the roses? Are we too concerned with our material needs that we neglect the most important things in life? I think it is such a pity as Singapore is considered to be more developed than some of the developing countries around us and yet, most of us will never be as happy as the people there.

Sighz.. Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to all..

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

5th Asian Festival of First Films

*Press Release from AFFF*

Call for Entries Announced!

· Discover Asia’s brightest new stars and filmmakers
· Entries from 31 countries received

6 July, 2009, Singapore - The 5th Asian Festival of First Films (AFFF) has been receiving entries for AFFF 2009 to be held in Singapore from 28 November to 4 December 2009.

AFFF created a dynamic platform to showcase first time excellence in film making from the Asia - Pacific film making community. The festival continues to highlights the diversity and uniqueness of Asian - Pacific cultures and its Diaspora through film and documentary.

“The diversity and talent that continues to emerge from the Asia – Pacific area is outstanding. From the steppes of Mongolia to the oceans of the Pacific, from the streets of Teheran to the Forests of Vietnam, our film makers continue to inspire us with stories of passion and hope, love and despair’ says Sanjoy Roy, Festival Director.

The final nominations will be announced in October 2009 and they will be judged by an eminent jury who will award films across 11 categories. The results will be announced at the gala awards night on 4th December in Singapore.

Last year’s winners include ‘Firaaq’, a thought-provoking Indian film about the aftermath of the 2002 riots in Gujarat; which won a hat trick of awards, including Best Film. Other winners included Singaporean Bosco Francis for Best Actor for his excellent performance in Eric Khoo’s ‘My Magic’ and Dante Nico Garcia from Philippines for his outstanding directorial work in ‘Ploning’.

Award winning films have gone on to find commercial success in film territories across the world. ‘The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros’ (AFFF Best Film 2005 and Philippines’ official Academy Award entrant 2007 for Best Foreign Film), grossed over 20 Million USD in revenues after being discovered at AFFF. ‘Jump’ which was awarded Best Documentary went on to find theatrical release in Taiwan. Shoe Fairy - Japan, Bombivili Fast – India, ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’ - Malaysia, ‘A Hero’s Journey’ – Singapore, and the ‘Dragon Eye Congee’ – Taiwan also found commercial success.

AFFF is a part of the Asia TV Forum (2-4 December 2009) organized by the Media Development Authority (MDA) which helps in the marketing of film rights internationally. “AFFF and ATF present a strong platform for any first time film maker to showcase their work and find success in the world of film making” commented Shweta Asnani, Executive Producer of the AFFF.

All filmmakers of Asian Pacific origin are encouraged to submit their films and documentaries at the earliest. Submission forms, rules and regulations are available on the AFFF website at www.asianfirstfilms.com. There is no entry fee and the final submission deadline is 15 September 2009.

The nominated first-time films and documentaries will compete for eleven awards in the categories of:
· Best Actor in a Leading Role
· Best Actress in a Leading Role
· Best Cinematographer
· Best Director
· Best Director (Documentary)
· Best Documentary
· Best Film
· Best Producer
· Best Script or Screenplay
· Best Short Film
· Purple Orchid Foreign Correspondents Association Choice Award

For more information on the AFFF, please log on to www.asianfirstfilms.com.