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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Eating Mints now....

I was walking to the MRT station today when i realised i have forgetten to brush my teeth.... Eeeeeeeeeeeek... So i did the most logical thing i know => Buy mints...

So there i was inside the 7-11 shop, selecting some mints when the DJs of a English radio station happened to mention the same thing.... How he will buy mints when he forget to brush teeth.. hahahaha.. What a coincidence.. :p Guess there are a lot of unhygiene people like me around... Heehehehe..............

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Overnight Work!!!

I just did a crazy thing last nite... worked overnight at the office, just me and computer and papers... So tired that i dozed off for a while.. Cleared most of the stuff and still need to follow-up on some orders before i filed them up... soooooooooooo happy...

Met a lao uncle beng for breakfast at Maxwell Food Centre... can barely swallow my porridge and was just playing with the food loh.. After that, took a ride from lao uncle.. First time on a bike.. sibeh interesting.. BUT there are times when I really thought i will fly off.. cos turning the bend mah...

My arms are aching from holding on too tight.. But i think old uncle's shoulders are worse off.. You imagine someone putting pressure on your shoulders for 15min at least... "Unusual" massage liao..

So tiring......... but cannot go back to sleep liao.. will be going to the airport later on tonight to learn some new skills.. Muahahaha...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Piggy pig

I feel like a pig... Yesterday, ordered Pizza Hut delivery with a few of my colleagues.. Managed to down 3 slices of pizza, 5 chicken legs, 2 slices of garlic bread and 2 glasses of pepsi... hahaha... Fatty pig liao...

Went home still have mini lobster, vegtables and meat waiting for me to finish... wau lao.. I dont want to gain weight leh... :(

Friday, November 10, 2006

Fire Fire

Yesterday was another exciting day as a small fire broke out in West Mall Food court around 5.50pm. Apparently, someone was frying something and totally forgotten about it. The fire ten spread to the next stall.

There was a lot of smoke and the alarm started to ring. A lady fainted after unhaling too much smoke. I can see alot of people leaving the building, but there are also some who crowded around Popular entrance and at level 4, watching...

What was I doing? Continue working as I need to prevent people from stealing during this situation. All the smoke and ring alarm gave me a headache. I had some customers who are so calm that they continued shopping. I do not know whether I should admire them or laugh at their stupidity.

The Fire Defence people came 15-20mins later.. Everythiing was fine at around 6.40pm, except that there was a lot of cleaning up to do as the floor was flooded with water.. By the time I finished work, operations are back to normal at the food court. I pity those who ate half-way in the food court and had to leave the place. Heee... end of my exciting day liao...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

3 weeks ago, my friends, joycelyn and karen specially came down to chinatown to meet me for dinner... Poor them had to wait for me to clear my work before i can leave.. We ended up eating our dinner at almost 8 plus... We went to Chinatown Food Street to eat.. Actually it was my first time eating there :p

See how tired i am... :(

I did not have much appetite so I only ate a plate of popiah and shared a plate of homemade tofu with my friends..


Homemade fried tofu,quite delicious but can only eat 2 pieces per person cos eating more will be without any taste liao..

My friends ordered from Ming Fa stall...

Nice sauce...

Stealing food..

Good food..

After we finished, we still managed to save some space for dessert... Our dessert is the famous ah balling tangyuan (i think is called like this) which we shared.. Loved the soup base, not too sweet or too bland..


I am really glad to have friends like these, accompanying when i need them.. Thank you :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another tired day...

Just back from work... Today worked OT for too long till my bus had left. I ended up walking 2 bus stop distance to take Nightrider (cos i want to save money). In the end, I took the 174M, which is the night version of my usual bus home.. I wonder whether i can take this bus at my normal stop...

Anyway, the funny thing is that i overslept on the bus and i ended taking a cab back home cos it was too far for me to walk back... hahaa... I did manage to save around 4 dollars lah.. :p Time to sleep.. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Gift of Life (5 Nov)

Pls go to this link and read it first.

If you are free, pls go down to the drive this Sunday to participate, as a donor or just to give the event some support. You do not need to register as a donor until you are really sure that you are ready, otherwise you will be giving false hope to patients and their families...

It is easy to register as a donor (just a prick on your finger to get some blood), but it takes courage to go through the whole process once you are found to be a suitable match for someone, which is sooooooooooooooooo rare that it makes everything sooooooooo special.

Even if you are not able to make it this Sunday, you can go to the following centres listed in the future, once you decided you are ready to do the thing...

And so now, it is my turn to ask myself whether i am ready... We cannot just always wait till a close one had been striked by the illness before we start to be un-selfish, right?

Details of Drive

DATE : 5th November 2006 , SUNDAY

TIME : 10am - 4pm

VENUE : Aramsa - The Garden Spa Function Room, Bishan Park II, 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

Nearest MRT stations are Ang Mo Kio and Bishan, Buses that goes to the park are SBS 133, 136 and 232.

Thanks in advance for doing your part as a human being :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dramatic day...

Went down to office to clear some paperwork today, which was lucky as there was a problem for me to solve.. It was with regards to a visa application for a customer.. I actually forget to photocopy the employment pass and old passport.. Ended up i have to ask the customer to fax to me and then i need to rush down to the china embassy to meet my colleague, the guy in charge of arranging the visa application.

Stupid cab uncle drove me to Tanglin Shopping Center instead of driving to the China Embassy, which is besides British Council. Made me do a 600m dash from Tanglin Shopping Center to the China Embassy.. On the way, I still need to ask for direction... TIRED~~~ i think he thought i am from China.

Finally managed to get there in time and passed the documents to my colleague, Dennis... While waiting for the submission, we had a chat.. Realised that he is actually younger than me by a year.. Hahaha.. He is another person who is shocked that I had actually quitted HR line as he is currently pursing a course in HR.. Sighz... I do not know how to explain why I did it but I do not regret it..

One thing both of us agreed is that our company really is not a company that cherishes the workers, resulting in low morale and high turnover.. In fact, Dennis just joined one month earlier than me. I think I really need to reconsider my future in this company. Maybe I can job-hop one or two years later to another company in the same industry?

Anyway, the embassy trip costed me to lose some time to do some work and I ended taking a cab back to West Mall. Nothing special is going on at part-time work today, except there is a new part-timer... I think her name is Denise... She is so cute at times, especially when she called me "Da jie jie" in that sweet voice of hers.. Hahaha...

On the way home, I was walking home when i accidentally stepped on something, which squeaked and jumped. I screamed a little before I realised that it was a freaking RAT that I had stepped on.. Anyway, it ran back to the drain when i was still in shock.. What a way to end the day~~