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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I think i almost faint today... why think only? Cos i didnt actually faint yet... Was feel giddy on the train and cannot stand properly.. In the end, I rushed down from the train at the next stop to sit down and take a few deep breaths... Feel so much better after that..

Mmmm... why do one faints ah? Anyway, it was a bad feeling and i hope i never have to experience it again :)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A break from work...

I was on a long break last week... Why? Cos i had my off days on last last Sunday and last Thursday and then I was on course from Monday to Wednesday... That means i didnt step into office for 5 whole days.. Yea~~ But now that I came back to work, i feel so sianz already.. hehehe..

Met up with Uncle ah beng on Sunday and he treated me to breakfast (brunch liao), ktv and pool... And he even bought me laopa bing from Hong Kong.. So gan dong wor... Anyway, i sucked in playing pool.. Dont want to play liao... Hmphz..

Lao Po Bing..

The logo is so cute...

Cutie wife cake?? Weird translation.. hehehe...

The course from Mon-Wed was quite okie.. Best thing was when teacher finished the lessons early and we will go to shop shop cos venue was in Orchard...

Cindy and me in class..

Saw this cute lamb at Taka.. Sharon taking a pic with it..

My turn liao..

See me blush cos got passerby stared at us taking pics...

Aiyoh, i wished got classes everyday... Maybe i should go back to school... Sighz..

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Plastic is just plastic

I went for a facial on thursday... It was so painful (all those pimples on my nose being taken care of :p) that i was wondering why some gals will choose to have plastic surgery on themselves.. Ya, they had anesthetic during the surgery so they wont feel the pain.. But what about after that, when the anesthetic fades off... Isnt it painful? And you need to take care about your new chin or new nose.. Awfully troublesome, i will think..

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

I went to watch the movie, "Pan's labyrinth" yesterday.. Basically, my eyes were fixed on the screen throughout, because if i dont, i will lose track of the whole thing since the language was in another language (Spanish?). Overall, it is a very simple film for me.. A plot set against the Spanish civil war and a female child set in the middle of it, using fantasy to escape the reality of life.

So in the end, was it just a fantasy or was it true? I hope it was real, for her sake.. And she herself had thought of it as real, anyway.. And she was happy when she left.. Sighz.. Now, if anyone can help me find the mp3 of the lullaby, "Nana Del Laberinto Del Fauno" in the movie? *Blink Blink* Thanks wor.. :p

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Poker card quiz

Choose a poker card:

1) King of Hearts
2) Queen of Hearts
3) Jack of Hearts
4) Ten of Hearts

Leave a comment with your choice.. I will give the answers in the comments page shortly...

Friday, January 19, 2007





Thursday, January 18, 2007

Couple stuff

I suddenly have a thought... that if i had a boyfriend, i will force him to wear all those couple stuff when we started our relationship.. All the tees, rings, watches, socks..etc etc..

But being me, i probably will only wear it for a month or two and ended only he will be wearing it.. And I will turn back into being the non-fuss gal.. And then probably i will end the relationship and back to singlehood...

Sighz.. Where can i find a guy to keep me interested for a long loooooooooooooong time? He seemed to be nowhere.. :(

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Blood Diamond

I got free ticket the other day to watch the movie, "Blood Diamond".

The story was based on the real situation in Africa in the 90s, where there were internal conflicts. The whole plot is very touching and i was totally captivated throughout the show.... That's how good it is.. Pls go and watch it if you are free.. It is really a very worthwhile film to spend your cash on...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stupid gal..

i just realised how stupid i am.... I DONT KNOW HOW TO MAKE IDD CALLS!!! Someone, pls guide me.. sob sobz..

Friday, January 12, 2007


I'm home... so tiring.. I hate the fact that it kept raining and raining... I miss Bangkok...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Off to the Land of Bombing...

Yea!! I'm using the free internet at the airport.. Going off for a short trip with my friends to the land of bombing.. Pls pray that i will return alive, in one piece, okie? Dont miss me.. will be home by thursday.. Till then, tata~~

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Korea Trip 2006

WARNING!!!! Many pictures so may load awhile..

To those who are not aware, I recently joined a travel agency as a tour consultant... So i got my first chance to lead a tour to Korea last month.. I got to admit everything was a bit messy on the first day, during the check-in at the airport... I just wish to forget that shit liao.. Reached Korea on the morning of day 2..

Day 2
1st stop: Presidential Blue House

This is purely for some phototaking.. But sooooooo damn cold that everyone can only stand 15min in the open..

2nd stop: Kimchi Making..

Passengers get to make kimchi and dress in korean attires for phototaking...

3th stop: Dongdaemun Market
Blur little me didnt go shopping loh... Wasted.. Cos i was pestering the guide about some info mah..

After that, left the Seoul to take domestic flight to Jeju Island, where Koreans actually went for their honeymoon :p

My room in Jeju Oriental Hotel.. Super super spacious ah...

Day 3

1st stop: Yongduam Rock

It just looked like a pile of rocks to me, though i know it is formed due to volcano.. blah blah blah... Anyway, got a guy, who actually volunteered to help me take my picture (pardon the messy hair).. I think he was leading the other tour group as guide or photographer.. So cute loh... There, i was waiting for my passengers to finish and someone actually asked me.. Maybe he thought i am a tourist too? Heehee...

The guardians.. Said to be able to bless Korean women to have sons..

2nd stop: Green Tea Museum

Outside the Museum

Green Tea ice-cream that i had to buy myself.. Hmphz...

I like the scenery in the garden..

The guide, the handsome driver uncle and me...

Me at tea fields...

Lunch at Korean BBQ Restaurant...

3rd stop: ATV ride

ATV instructor and me... I took a ride from this instructor and it was damn exciting as he kept doing stunts... :)

4th stop: Jeju Folk Village

Sorry for the weird smile... cos the sun is in my face and i was trying to self-take the pic.. Standing in front of the makeshift jail.. Heee :p

5th stop: Songsan Sunrise Peak

Instead of sunrise, we see sunset bah... Took 20mins to climb... It was very tiring but still okay, as compared to the ones i climbed in Malaysia.. haha..

I only noticed the stupid person taking pic when i was sorting the pics in Singapore... spoilt my pic loh and the light is so much nicer.... Sighz..

Flushed from the climbing...


I love Jeju!!!

Pic with guardian statue... Can see it everywhere...

6th stop: Mandarin Oranges Farm (bonus)

Yum yum...

For someone who hate eating oranges in Singapore, I ate alot in Jeju loh... Cos their mandarins are really sweet!!! Especially the small ones... :p

Day 4

Took the domestic flight early in the morning to Daegu..

1st stop: Dongwasha Temple

The lake/pool was actually frozen...

This is in landscape view...

I saw this old auntie carrying a lot of things to go up.. Like very sad leh...


Self-taken pic..

Sorry if my smile is very weird cos i was rushing to take the pics..

Tofu soup.. Looked spicy? Not really..

2nd stop: Shopping at Jung Angro Street
Once again, I didnt go shopping.. But guide did bring me to eat some local food :p

3rd stop: Spa Valley

The spa was really enjoyable.. First time trying something where you need to be naked. I was quite okie about it, but my passengers were a bit awkward about it at first... But then i think they also got used to it later.. I tried one of the saunas, very shiok..

Me after enjoying spa.. Looked tired wor..

Pork cutlet rice for dinner at Spa Valley

I shared a room with the guide and photographer that night as we were going to drink a little alcohol..

Photographer and me at hotel room

The alcohol we drink... Shao Jiu (?) and beer... I fell asleep very soon after drinking.. Too tired already :)

Day 5

Christmas tree at hotel..

1st stop: Maisan Provincial Park

One of the slopes.. Does it looked like the ear of a horse to you? :p

These piles of stones represent the wishes of the people.. They believe that the higher they managed to pile, then more possible for their wishes to be delivered to the Gods and more possible for it to come true.

Mushroom Shabu Shabu Lunch - all sorts of mushroom goody..

Woman seasoning cabbages to make kimchi :p

Uncle selling chestnuts..

2nd stop: Strawberry farm


Weird shape..

I usually do not eat strawberries as well.. But they are quite sweet in Korea... Eat and eat..

3rd stop: Korean Traditional Wine Museum

Wine available for sale..

Cute bottles..

4th stop: Jeonju Traditional Craftworks Exhibition Hall

Lovely sunset..

My room in Riviera Hotel..

Small cake bought from the hotel cafe

Day 6

1st stop: Sangsoo Herb Land

Funny owner giving a talk..

Frozen waterfall.. Nice..

Sighz.. need to find someone to take pic with me here.. in 10yrs time :p

2nd stop: Yongin Everland

Number of animals available.. But i only managed to see...




Where did the rest went off to? Especially elephant, cos only got one.. so rare... hehehe...

Me at the sealions show..

Taking the cable car with the photographer.. she accidentally knocked her forehead so she is covering that up..


Hot Chocolate on a cold day..

I actually made a mistake that day.. Never mind, will remember not to do that again :(

3rd stop: Nami Island

This is the only bad time arrangement for the whole trip.. I was not aware that it will be soooooooooooooooooo dark already.. Of cos, some of the passengers were not very happy cos unable to take the pictures of the scenery.. :(

Nami Island in the dark..

Winter Sonata

Fake but cute snowmen..

We celebrated the birthday of two of the guests... I love the Korean candles.. so long and thin..

Closer view of cake..

Managed to have a drink that night with the tourleader of 7 days Ski tour, Moon.. She was going to leave on the next day afternoon.. Oops, i still owe her a drink since she treated me that night :p

Day 7

1st stop: Changdukgung Palace

Me at Changdukgung Palace

This is the only pic i will show of my passengers cos the children are realllllllly cute... I love the younger sis the most.. heheehe

The last bits of autumn..

Cynthia (tourleader for another grp)and me...

Hanjeonsik Lunch

Eat and watch performance..

2nd stop: Ginseng Monopoly Showroom and amethyst factory
Shopping and shopping for local products.. Damn cheap when you compared the prices here and at the medical shops in Singapore..

3rd stop: COEX Mall
Took a 40mins break at this shopping mall... I had a hot chocolate from MacDonalds.. So hard to buy something when you do not know the language..

4th stop: Lotte World

Filming site of "Stairways of Heavens"


I met Cynthia for some shopping at Lotte World.. The earrings are damn cheap and pretty.. I helped a colleague to buy a piggy soft toy and actually have to go to Lotte Mart to get a carton box to put it.. heehee.. Cynthia also introduced the melon ice-cream to you.. Very nice and costed only 500won loh.. Wow, i missed the taste...

Big tv in room at Imperial Palace Hotel..

The decorations are really bright in the hotel.. like a big christmas tree.. heehee..

Day 8

This is the optional bus tour actually and all my tour members joined it :p

Namsangol Hanok Village

Walk walk around the place.. nothing much to see.. Try to play a traditional game at the square ground..

Ginseng Chicken Lunch

After that, went to two other places for shopping.. I finally managed to buy the socks my friend want.. *sweats*

Photographer and me at the airport.. She is soooooo pretty.. It is so funny in the way we two communicates.. Broken english, with lots of body language and eye contact.. hehe...

Final pic with photographer and guide...

The brocheres i brought home.. Kiasu hor...

Goodies i managed to buy.. See the piggy i helped my colleague buy.. It's Kim Sam Soon piggy wor..

HP accessories as gifts for colleagues..

Chopsticks and pens as gifts..

Very delicious biscuits... eat until i very happy.. Pls remember to try this if you saw this brand :p

Oh, i am definitely the most kiasu tour leader.. Got teased by other tour leaders taking the same flight that I got a lot of luggage... I think i really bring too much clothes.. i change a top everyday wor and brought 2 jackets loh.. Kiasu hor.. But i was really afraid i will be too cold mah.. I went on one trip and i need to trouble 5 people loh cos i borrowed most of the stuff.. No winter wear is like that.. hehehe..Okie, i cant wait for my next trip.. :p

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