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Saturday, August 27, 2005

There was a birthday party in my company on friday. It is one for the july and august babies. I will have to do the next one.. Sighz.. using the same caterer so it wont be too troublesome, i guess. But then, i remembered someone telling me a caterer.. I cant remember who it is... Karen, Doreen, Cheng Ying, Joycelyn, Audrey? Who was the person and what's the name of the caterer... It was 9 mths ago, when i was planning my birthday that time... Never mind, anyone got nice and cheap caterer for parties, pls let me know.. Thanks...

I was watching the new Zoe Tay commercial for D**** diapers and i remembered my intern days where i spent the few 2 days helping the marketing dept marked out the competitor's brand name on the diapers so that it could be used for a public demo... All my god, it was pure hard work.. and like not much effect cos my marker drew until no ink.. haha..

I was telling my brother about this and he commented, "Oh, i thought D**** is under KC." I told him no loh and then both of us were trying to recall the name of KC's diaper.. Since i was an intern there before, i was ashamed that i cant remember the name so i kept thinking and thinking.. Finally, i used the simplest method, the alphabet method, counting from A and then B and so on, hoping to trigger my poor memory... It works and i remembered it as moved to H, H for Huggies.. haha

Seemed like my friend is also in KC now for internship but he dont seemed to like it.. Maybe it is because he is posted to the marketing/admin section which is more full of politics ba... I was under HR that time and i didnt really care about others.. wahahaha.. Ya, i'm a bitch sometimes.. :p

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


My stomach still not ok on Sunday but I still happily went to support the Superstars at West Mall.. It was raining cats and dogs when I reached the place and a lot of fans had already gathered around the stage, wearing raincoats or carrying umbrellas.. I don’t understand why the organizer chose to host it at West Mall since there is so little space..

I didn’t want to be in the rain so I went up to Popular to disturb my friends first..Disturb and disturb for 15 min, then finally went down to join the crowd.. Although I had an umbrella but the rain is really really too big…Lucky my top is a sweater so it kept me warm.. Wait and wait and then decided to go and wait under the shelter as my view is blocked by the umbrellas in front…

I bought Weilian’s single cos the money is from my mom and she had said, “Buy Weilian’s single. Don’t buy Kelly’s one.” Haha.. okay loh.. Anyway, I prefer Weilian among the two of them..I asked my friend, Adrian, to help me to take the cd single up the stage to sign since he was helping the West Mall management to get their cd singles signed..

Finally the rain stopped and I went by to stand at a place where I can view the stage.. The autograph session took a while.. Finally, it ended at 3 to 4 plus and the other Superstars finalists (those who are voted out) came on stage… Wow.. there are screams for Junyang, Derrick and Wei Choong… Took some pics of them but very very small… Sighz…

Very soon they all left and some fans went and chase after them in chartered vans… Got 3 vans, one of them was booked by Derrick.. They are really willing to spend money hor.. why not give it to me to spend instead.. I sure would put it to good use.. heehee… I am thinking of going IMM on this coming Sunday to support them again…. Who want to join me…?


Went to watch “The Maid” on Monday night with Jane at Causeway Pt.. Quite scary for both of us lah.. so much so that we still kept recalling the scenes over and over a few days later.. Oh, and the mailman in the movie looked so cute.. heehee..

Don’t know why other ppl said it is not good.. Not good then why still got so many ppl see? The theatre was packed loh, mostly couples… Maybe those boyfriends want to bring girlfriends to see it so that they can hug hug in the theatre? Don’t know.. haha

My view is that when you don’t have a very high expectation, then you wont be disappointed so easily.. That’s how I feel when I go in the theatre each time (Harry potter is an exception though.. very HIGH expectation for it.. hee).. Like that then wont waste my money… wait you spent so much money then still not happy, then spend for what?


Went to eat Fish Head Curry at Jurong West For lunch today.. Forgot to take pics but the food is nice… Cannot imagine me eating curry cos I don’t take spicy stuff one… But since my colleagues said is nice so I went loh.. One good thing was that the spicy stuff probably triggered my stomach cos I finally cleared my bowels today…. Yay.. not a lot but at least my stomach don’t feel so uncomfortable liao…

Me seemed to be changing my tastes, drinking, going out, eating spicy stuff… No longer the gal I used to be.. Haha.. Is it good or bad?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saturday Buffet cum Mahjong


I went to meet Jane, Pin Cheng, Janet (Jane's sis), See wee (dont know how to spell :p) and her guy friend... We went to eat the Japanese Buffet at Suntec City.. It costs around $27 only per person.. Got lots to eat.. heehee... I love the desserts the most.. got cheesecake and ice cream.. We finished eating at around 3 plus..

Me feeling very very full

Janet, the greedy pig, who still ate ice-cream after saying that she is very full

The two sisters

After that, all six of us had to pass the time cos we are waiting to go to a friend's flat and she had asked us to go at around 5 plus.. Thus, Jane, Pin Cheng, Janet and me decided to walk around Suntec and Marina Square while See Wee and her friend went off first, back to her place..

Finally walked and walked till tired and went to take a cab at around 5pm.. There was a traffic jam at Bukit Timah area.. so sianz.. most of us fell asleep on the cab.. I heard a nice song on the radio in the cab, but not sure who are the two singers.. They seemed to be composers..

Arrived at Samantha's place at around 6plus and saw her baby.. Just 4 mths old loh.. Then Samantha, See Wee's friend, Jane and me started to play mahjong.. We played very long for just one round.. Jane won the first game and was told that she may lose a lot cos the first winner usually loses the most.. And indeed, she lost 20 plus..

At first, i also didnt have much luck.. Only during the West wind, then my luck changed and i won a big one (man tai)... But most of my wins are small, only one or two tai... Haha.. In the end, See Wee's friend won $15 and i won $12.60.. the other two lost... Since i owe Jane money cos she helped me pay back my friend for the air ticket, i deduct the money i won from the amount loh.. Hee.. so nothing is collected back...

Then we went home... On the way home, my stomach hurts a lot.. Dont know why.. I want to shit but nothing comes out.. Sianz... Anyway, dont know anyone got notice or not but now the SMRT buses hor.. Instead of the "Singapore" word on the flashboard, it now showed the current location of the bus stops.. So good hor... must be the satellite is finally ready liao.. :p

Dead day..

Yesterday, i went to meet my friend at Toa Payoh... Actually i didnt want to go out cos it was hungry ghost month.. But i had already forgotten our meetings twice ( i am getting old liao.. memory failing..).. in fact, i had also forgotten about yesterday's meeting but lucky i got asked her to call me to remind me..

Very tired after work but still push myself to go meet her (almost fell asleep at work)... Have dinner at the food court at Toa Payoh then left liao.. I told her next time must meet me at a more central place... Decided to go to Yishun to change my vcds since it was on the way home...

On the train there, i saw this couple hugging and kissing (i didnt get a clear pic or else sure posted it.. must go and trained up on P.I. skills)... almost like going to have sex on the train liao.. wau lau... so sex crazed, pls wait till you got car or something or wait till reached home.. the thing is they are only teenagers, maybe in sec sch... Oh my god...I am old...

Anyway, i reached northpt and i went to the Poh Kim outlet... Since the last time, i stupidedly said i bought at Northpt and was asked to go back to where i bought to exchange.. this time, i used my granddaughter's method, saying that i had no receipt and cant remember where i bought it liao... (actually i really bought it at Northpt but is months ago.. i didnt lie a lot mah :p)

The staff changed for me after hearing about the fingerprints.. was shocked to hear that my vcds was in a nicely sealed box.. haha.. I like the in-charge and the male staff who served me.. the in-charge is more experienced than the more in Jurong east and the male staff is more considerate.. haha

Anyway, i am now tempted by the male staff to buy the dvd version of the "Stairways of heaven" (i must see if i am so obsessed or not..) and "Lang Man Man Wu".. I also kaypoh and asked whether the TVB serial drama, "Jin Zi Yu Nie" will drop price or not cos $90 is damn exp for me.. He said unless i wait for 2 yrs.. Ahhh... TEMPTATION!!!

Now that i changed my vcds liao, i dont know whether i can still bear to lend to my friends or not.. some of them, i trust them with the vcds cos i know they will take good care.. but some... Sighz...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Eski Bar

I went to Eski bar at Circular Rd last sat.. Not so fun loh... it was very cold when you first go in at the entrance cos it is 3 degrees.. but when moved into the inner room, it is not as cold due to higher temperatures and more ppl... Sighz.. I want to go Ice Bar instead.. At Clarke Quay... Who want to go? I drank eski blue, which is lychee flavour.. Nice...

Me with Jane

Jane and BF...

We waited a while then got seats... then got a stupid guy from the next table, who kept knocking his feet onto the feet rest ( or leg rest?) against the rhythms of the music... made Jane and me so fed up then we started banging against the bar too.. but not much effect cos his feet were not on the bar.. Sighz.. i know, very childish act... Went to Geylang to eat supper after that.. ate at a place which is famous for its you tian.. haha.. Then went home sleep sleep...

Now watching the vcds of the Korean drama, "Stairways of Heaven".. Just remembered i got the vcds long ago and havent watch it yet after i saw channel u advertisements.. I bought the vcds from Poh Kim months ago and only opened it last sunday.. The thing is that i discovered that most of the discs had fingerprints on it or scratches... this obviously means that the staff had opened the discs and then re-sealed it back. Plus there is not enough pockets for the cds.. Have to stack two cds in some of the pockets... Lousy..

I wanted to exchange it at Jurong east cos very lazy to go back to yishun but as i dont have any receipt, the staff dont allow me to exchange and asked me to go back yishun... Actually i got the receipt but it is too long ago loh.. Sianz... I still want to change even though i had started watching it.. Very sad show.. i cry and cry.. heehee

Friday, August 12, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Today got a HR meeting with the HR people in all the outlets.. Cos my company just merged with another company so we are all meeting each other as a new corporate HR group... Met Anna, my NYP friend.. It seems that she had went back to her attachment company to work and that happened to be the company we merged with.. So now we are one happy family.. Blah..

Just remember Anna's attachment company is also my granddaughter, Audrey's attachment company.. haha.. which she dont like loh :p Luckily, me no need express any views cos no discussion in meeting.. Got free nasi lemak as lunch.. wahaha.. save money :p

Went to meet the barflies for movie at PS... Ate at Mos burger first, stupid fries got some uncooked ones and i ate one.. AHHH!!! Met Ah 9, Zhiyang, Brennan, Vicnan, Nadnut, Gracey, Fat Kitten, Stupid Genius, PensiveTabby and his wife, Jane for the first time (lazy to link, go search yourself.. haha)...

Zhiyang looked younger in his short hairstyle.. haha.. Brennan is very very chatty and most of us will remember his "2 inches" reply.. haha... The weirdest thing got to be that MG's 3 guests went for the movie too..while he himself never turn up.. dont know where he went to sian zabos liao..

The movie is GREAT!!! Although the flashbacks to Mr Wonka's past is a bit weird.. Guess it is to let us understand his personality.. Happy that i managed to eat chocolates during the movie... haha.. must follow my nick mah.. going to be fat soon... :p

I went the the toilet outside the cinema, cos Audrey said she was scared by the promotion display of "The Maid" in the ladies.. So i went to see loh... When i went in, i saw this...

Then turn and saw this... Guess it will give one a fright if you are not prepared to see this...

Close up is also scary..

The thing is the other section of toilets dont have this.. i wonder why Audrey chose to use the toilet on this end.. Hmmm.. Tired tired.. back home early while some of them went to Zouk to party.. Man, i feel old.. haha :p

Thursday, August 11, 2005

First day at work..

Yesterday was my first day of my official first job... So far so good..Got to know lots of names and faces which i cant remember... And i am in HR loh.. ARGH!!! Got to know the overall picture of my job scope by observing my colleague, Julianne.. OMG, lots of things to do.. I can only copy and copy what to remember.. Got so tired that i went to bed straight after dinner..

Today is better.. Even got the chance to do hands-on for the recording of leave application in the files.. mad calculation.. :p Tomorrow need to record the leave application into the payroll system.. ahh.. plus got HR meeting.. Sighz.. better sleep liao..

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Thailand Trip Aug 2005

Day 1 (03/08/05)

Got everything packed and met Huimin and Jocelyn at the Mrt Station. Then we took the train to Changi Airport. I hated the City Hall station the most.. Where all the commuters would try all means to squeeze in when the train was already packed.. Our luggage took up some space, which got us some stares.. Heck..

Meet Jane and her bf at Changi Airport Terminal 1 and the five of us took some time to figure out which counter to report to.. Hey, not that i am stupid but this was the first time i am in a transit flight, where the final destination is not MY destination, but instead my destination is stated as "via Bangkok".. I know i know.. this is an excuse.. Heehee :p

Checked in and then went into the duty free areas to shop shop.. Huimin and Jocelyn bought 2 big boxes of cigerettes (those with 10 packs inside).. Siao ah.. Dont tell me they can finish 20 packs in 4 days.. After that, the two of them went to the smoking area to smoke while Jane and i went to look around.. I bought a plug, those 2 pins type that can be used in Thailand, Taiwan, etc.. Good for me, cos i can recycled it for future trips..

I can never understand why we must report 2 hours earlier.. waste my time.. Anyway, went to the boarding place and waited for a while.. Jane and Huimin used the free phones there to make calls.. I spent time to watch tv, which was showing "Charmed".. I had not been watching it since season 3 loh..

Finally. we boarded the Finnair plane at 9.30pm.. It was a bumpy ride at the start, maybe due to the air currents.. Quite cold for me so I asked for blanket.. Didnt indicate that I wanted 4, so got 1 instead. I shared it with Huimin and Jocelyn who was sitting nearest to me.. Poor Jane was left out but she didnt seemed to be cold..

Food was okay but too bad there was no poker cards onboard.. Got 2 postcards as souvenir instead.. Reached Bangkok at 12.10am and looked for out guide there.. Got transported to Asia Hotel, checked in and went to the rooms. We discovered that we had no windows in our rooms.. No wonder, it was so cheap... Hmphz.. Never mind loh.. Huimin and Jocelyn stayed in roon 559 while Jane and I stayed in 561.

Wanted to go out but everything outside seemed to be closed.. Went to the nearby 7-11 instead to buy some tidbits and drinks.. I spent 98 bucks on 1 big bottle of mineral water, 1 bottle of chocolate milk, 3 chocolates (buy 2 get 1 free) and 1 O Lays tidbit.. Then back to the hotel rooms..

Looked through the tv channels and found that there were 3 channels i could watch: MTV chinese, MTV english and BBC news.. haha.. The four of us took some pics in my room... There are more pics in Jocelyn's digital camera but still need to wait for her to send to me..

Went to sleep after that cos it is already 3 plus and we are going for the free half day tour at 8am tomorrow..

Day 2 (04/08/05)


My Flick Acct went bust with the no. of pics i got and that is only day 2.. wait for me to get a new free one, then i can post.. hee


I know i promised a entry on the Thailand trip but that is going to take a while so i decided to do this short post instead..

I met Jane at Jurong East Mrt Station today at 10.30pm cos we wanted to go Esplanade to watch the fireworks at midnight.. We reached at 11pm. By then, it was pretty packed when a lot of tripods by the linkway towards the Merlion...

I was super tempted to throw the tripods into the Singapore river to see whether the owners will cry or not.. cos most of them were just leaving the tripods near the railing to "book" the space first while sitting down, relaxing.. some even have the camera bags lying on the floor near the railing.. Really wanted to teach them a lesson..

Anyway, the two of us walked to Bakerzin, wanting to sit there and watch the fireworks. But it was also full, thus when another friend, Xin Kai, arrived, the three of us walked to the place near the merlion..

Waited a while. Finally at midnight, the fireworks display started.. there is this stupid couple who moved into my way.. Bastards ah.. Squeezed me out of my good view.. another couple also knocked into Xin Kai, when he was using my SLR camera to take the pics of the firework..

Anyway, i suspected the pics will not turned out very good cos i didnt bring my tripod with me (Damn heavy hor!!).. But i did use Xin Kai's phone to take videos.. I put up the link liao.. it is a bit shaky on some parts cos my arm damn tired from holding the phone high high.. Enjoy viewing wor...

Fireworks video part 1

Fireworks video part 2

Took a pic with the Merlion after that. Only one pic cos Xin Kai used up my film for the fireworks..Went to Lao Pa Satafter that to eat satays. Ordered 30 satays, 4 chicken wings, 1 rice..

This is Xin Kai, the yandao.. Now year 1 in NTU engineering.. Living in hostel Blk 1.. Pls go and woo him if u like him..

This is the two cuties.. wahaha... Hungry ah..

After eating, we chatted and chatted.. Time flew and it was 2 am liao.. The place was closing so we started to make our way to Clarke Quay to take Night rider home.. I ordered Xin Kai to leave only when we two gals had left.. What a nice guy hor.. So ALL gals out there, pls grab him while you can.. heehee.. ok ok.. time for bed..nighty :p Oh and one last thing...


Sunday, August 07, 2005

Back from Bangkok

I'm back.. pissed off and feeling sianz.. i got so much to blog but that will have to wait till tomorrow when i get my rest..

Anyway, got my cowboy bar link up liao.. Mai siao siao.. me also barfly hor.. just not very active lah.. haha :p.. Goodnite

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It's done

I finally signed the appointment letter to the company yesterday morning.. starting work on 10 Aug, after National Day.. haha..

Went to meet Karen at Harbourfront for lunch.. Yesterday is her second day at work.. haha.. we went to eat at Pastam****. She ordered baked rice, a new item, i think.. And waited a long time for it.. I concluded that it is because the rice is not cooked ready when we ordered (we are the first 2 customers.. hee).. Taste ok loh..

Lucky, i sticked to the normal stuff, pasta itself.. haha

Went back to Manulife to return access card and receipt book... Had a chat with my boss' boss, Jeffrey.. He wanted to bend the rules for me (let me work part time cos Manulife dont have part time one), but since i had not attended lessons and already starting work soon, i cant... Typed a resignation letter for boss and left.. He gave me this as keepsake..

Cant deny that i feel relaxed when i stepped out of company.. can think more.. maybe i just put too much stress on myself.. Boss asked me why i think so much when i am only 21, with no real responsibilities.. I dont know :p
Sometimes, i feel that i am a scumbag.. i know i will regret not trying out but it's useless now.. I hate myself.. Hopefully all this can ended soon.. All the sick feelings.. must dedicate one post to insurance when i am back from Bangkok.. now, i cant write so much..

Took bus to PS cos i wanted to activate my auto roaming at the starhub store there.. The bus stopped in front of the This Fashion so i went in to try clothes... nice?

Had to take my own pic cos by myself mah.. I realised i looked VERY FAT in the pics even though when i looked at myself in the mirror, it seemed okay.. No wonder all those actors, actresses needed to go slimming centres, cos they want to look better on tv.. I ALSO WANT TO GO SLIMMING CENTRE LIAO.. I like Mary Frances Bodyline the most.. Hmm..no money... Anyway, the two outfits looked okay and i wanted to buy but then i think i go Bangkok see first.. if got can get it there.. dont have then go back to buy loh..

Went to Starhub and then moved on to Carrefour to buy BEER!!!

Wanted to try the different brands to find a favourite but this will have to wait when i'm back.. NOT DRINKING NOW.. And yeah choya not beer but bought it for fun...Alamak.. must go pack bag liao, flight in 9hrs time.. Bye bye.. will be back on Sunday :p

Monday, August 01, 2005

Superstar Session

I woke up yesterday morning and found my hair ends looking like this...

Haha.. looked like weed.. :p ANyway, i was feeling bored so i decided to go to IMM to see Superstar contestants.. (yes, i very bo liao) I had to push off a meeting with my poly senior because i completely forgot about it.. But then hor, i hoped she is not selling me anything lah.. So weird for her to contact me out of the blue... Almost like me that time, contacting ppl i had lost touch so that i can introduce stuff to them.. Why am i always so skeptic? Dont know.. it is in me leh :p

I arrived at 3pm.. by then there is already so many ppl there.. super hot and i was sweating like a pig (oink oink).. The VJ is playing some game with the audience.. the lucky winners will get an autographed pic of their favourite contestant :p

The contestants finally arrived at 3.30pm and there was lots of excitement from the crowd.. the females came up first for interview.. You can see that Kelly has the most support from the crowd from the loud cheers being shouted (the other 3 also got supporters but not as loud.. maybe most of their supporters are lazy to come to the West?)

When the males came up the stage, the crowd became louder.. Maybe because most of them are xiao meimei? For the males, the most popular are both Derrick and Junyang... Junyang's supporters are like from fan club.. all wear yellow t-shirt.. very funny.. Weilian also has his supporters.. Only Jason seemed to has no one supporting..

After the brief interview, they gave away their pics with autographs to the lucky winners of the game. After that, all the contestants sang to the song, "Mouse loves rice".. Not live loh but they got dance a bit (if that is considered dance.. blah)..

Then the whole thing finished liao.. And i can see the rubbish here and there.. TMD, someone really need to teach the kids something.. otherwise they think littering is fine.. bad influence loh.. and who suffer in the end? The cleaners loh.. So sianz...

Went to Jurong East Entertainment Centre to eat Long John Silver.. then went to Yishun to drop my contact lense cos one of the lenses is already spoilt when i opened the case the first time this morning.. Beginning to regret going there to make the lenses liao.. cos although is cheap, the service a bit cannot make it and so far.. maybe cos i very fussy ba.. but this is the first time, i make contact lenses and the person gave me nothing loh.. no case for me to put.. no free solution( i told u i cheapskate liao :p).. Even if i got them already, still must give me some mah..I am the type who is too polite in reality but will crap here crap there in my mind.. Sighz.. i must learn to be damn rude...

Meeting Jocelyn to collect air tixs today.. On my way there, i saw this guy..

Super cool hairstyle.. remember David Beckham's ex hairstyle, like the cock's hair on top.. That one loh.. super admire him for his courage but cant stop laughing silently in my heart and cant stop sms-ing ppl to tell them what i had seen :p Anyway, went home after collecting the tixs.. haha..